Disc Golf is one of HomCo’s favorite sports and many of our employees play it regularly. Many people ask, where are the best places to play Disc Golf in Flagstaff? Flagstaff has 5 local courses; Thorpe Park, McPherson Park, NAU Course, Arizona Snowbowl, and Fort Tuthill County Park. We asked our employees and did some research on these places. We will talk about each course in detail to help you find the best course for you:



Thorpe Park is an 18-hole permanent disc golf course that is free to the public and is in the Thorpe Park Center. Thorpe disc golf course holds the title of being the first PDGA-approved Disc Golf Course in Flagstaff and holds a rating 3.67 out of 5. This course is between 5095 ft. – 6570 ft. and consists of 18 Mach 5 holes with concrete tees. The terrain is hilly and wooded, so if you are looking for a nice forest walk that is close to town, this is the course for you.

One of our employees says,

“Thorpe course is a fun tree course with concrete tee boxes and baskets are in good shape and the hole locations get changed around.”

This course is the most popular course in Flagstaff. If you want to learn more about Thorpe Park, visit https://flagstaffdiscgolf.org/thorpe/.



McPherson Disc Golf Course is located off North Turquoise Drive, situated on the historic Beale Wagon Trail with a rating of 3.82. This disc golf course is an 18-hole course or 18 Mach 5 holes course that is situated on 13-acres. Most courses are on 18 to 20 acres, but this limitation created a fun and changeling course for both casual and professional players.

Most of our employees that play Disc Golf agreed that McPherson is a great course. Here are some of their testimonials:

Jake Hotsenpiller from the HomCo Fireplace Department says,

“McPherson is my favorite disc golf course, I like the location in town as well as the layout of the course itself. The course is well established and seems to stay the cleanest as far as litter and dog leavings.”

Jonathon Whiteley from Contractor Sales states,

“My favorite disc golf course is McPherson. I like how it is centralized in town. It makes it easy to catch a round after work without going out of your way. For being a local in town course it offers a variety because each hole has multiple placements for pins.”

The overall thought on McPherson is that it’s a great course because it has different elevations throughout the course and the challenges of uphill and downhill shots make it fun and interesting. Please note that this course is not open year-round. It is open from May to November due to an attempt to minimize foot traffic on the vegetation growing there in the winter. If you want to learn more about this course, please visit https://flagstaffdiscgolf.org/course-locator/mcpherson/.


Fort Tuthill is an 18-hole disc course in the forest that is free and open to the public between the hours of 6am to 10pm. The course is in the southeast corner of the Fort Tuthill County Park and has an overall rating of 3.64 stars. It a mix par 3, 4 and broadline 5-hole course with concrete tees. In general, it is a well-designed two 9-hole hoop. This course is also one of the courses that our HomCo employees like to play on.

HomCo’s Purchasing Manager, Doug Curry, stated,

“I like Fort Tuthill disc golf course because of the long distances on some of the holes and it has caused me to learn ways to get more distance on my throws”.

Jason Brown, our Fireplace Department Manager, expresses,

“My favorite disc golf course in Flagstaff is the one at Fort Tuthill. The great course layout and proximity to my house makes it convenient for my afternoon rounds”.

Be mindful though, this course is a smoking free disc golf course, so smoking is not allowed anywhere on the course. There are more rules to the park, so visit https://coconino.az.gov/2071/Fort-Tuthill-Disc-Golf-Course, for the full list of rules and more information on this course.



The Northern Arizona Disc Golf Course is located south of the NAU campus and is open year-round. NAU showcases unique technical holes with lots of elevation changes with wood chipped paths between holes with facilities at the gazebo near the fields. This 18-hole course is a permanent course with a forest terrain and concrete tees and is a par 54 with spectacular views of the San Francisco Peaks.

With a course rating of 3.82 out of 5, any reviewers say it a great course, but the layout is a little wierd and not very organized. Visit https://flagstaffdiscgolf.org/course-locator/nau/, for more information on this course.



The Arizona Snowbowl Disc Golf Course is located by Agassiz Lodge at the Arizona Snowbowl. It is free to play and is open from Memorial Day weekend to mid-October from 6:30 am to 5 pm every day of the week. This 18-hole, 55 par course is laid out on irregular and mountainous terrain with rubber tees that is a ski run during the winter. Although, some holes may temporarily close throughout the summer due to re-vegetative projects on the slopes and/or for special events. The Arizona Snowbowl Disc Golf Course was created in 2003 as a temporary course for the 03 PDGA Pro World Championship and is a great course with a rating of 3.88.
The employees at HomCo say this is a great course but is only open seasonally and is little ways out. For more information about Arizona Snowbowl Disc Golf course go to https://www.snowbowl.ski/disc-golf/ and https://flagstaffdiscgolf.org/snowbowl/.


McPherson and Fort Tuthill Disc Golf Course are HomCo’s Favorite due to the location and the terrain of the course, but whatever your choice is, you will get a great course with beautiful views. You should go play them all and then come to HomCo and tell us what your favorite course is and why.