HomCo is pleased to announce that June is STIHL Power Tool Month.

As a STIHL authorized dealer, we sell and service STIHL power tools like chainsaws, blowers, trimmers, and many other tools. Why do we choose to be a STIHL authorized dealer? Well, just like HomCo, STIHL believes in the power of supporting the local community. STIHL is only sold through authorized local dealers such as HomCo and not the big box stores.

That is not the only reason HomCo is passionate about STIHL products. We also love their commitment to quality products and excellent customer service. STIHL has been ranked as the number one best-selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor equipment in America among consumers and professionals. You will find STIHL units on the trailers of professional landscapers, the back of the fire and rescue trucks, in the hands of loggers and in millions of consumers’ garages and sheds across the country.

Another thing HomCo loves about this amazing brand is their commitment to research and development. Some companies do not see the importance of innovation, but STIHL has worked hard to find ways to make innovative technology for their customers. They are the industry leader with over 1000 patents. In 1988, STIHL developed the world’s first catalytic converter for two-stroke engines, which has resulted in reducing the level of harmful emissions by 70%. They have also produced electronic ignitions and a gearless saw which has allowed STIHL to excel in the industry while others have remained stagnant.


Behind STIHL

STIHL was started in the 1920s when the founder, Andrea Stihl, thought that there had to be an easier and more efficient way to cut down trees besides using an axe or a saw. In 1926, STIHL designed and built the first two-person electric chainsaw in Germany which changed the forest industry forever. In 1970, the Stihl Family recognized that the U.S. was one of the largest markets in the world for its products and opened a manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach, VA. Today, Beach Stihl Inc. has 2,100 employees that manufacture millions of powerheads each year on their sprawling 150-acre campus. Most of the HomCo STIHL powerhead units are made at the Virginia Beach Facility making it an American-made product.


when operating STIHL tools

To ensure the quality and safety of the STIHL unit, HomCo is required to conduct some formalities when you buy your power tool.

Here are the procedures:

Step 1: The first step when purchasing a unit is to fill out the registration paperwork where HomCo will attach the make and serial number of the unit. STIHL keeps track of all of their products and, by filling out the paperwork, this allows HomCo to register your unit with STIHL and activates the product warranty period.

Step 2: HomCo will review with you all printed materials like the operation manual that is included with the unit. Note that you are required to agree to read and follow the manual before you start using the unit because these tools can be very dangerous, and one mishap can lead to serious injury or death.

Step 3: A HomCo expert will discuss all safety requirements for each unit you are buying. If you need any safety equipment, our associates will help you find the right safety gear.

Step 4: HomCo will show you the proper starting and operational procedures for each unit you purchase and discuss how you can double the limited warranty coverage of your unit by simply purchasing a six-pack of Stihl HP Ultra Oil or a Minimum of one gallon of STIHL MotoMix pre-mixed fuel. These fuel products help promote engine longevity.

Step 5: HomCo will discuss maintenance procedures and answer any of your questions about the unit.

STIHL and HomCo are devoted to ensuring all customers understand what their products can do, and how to make sure their unit runs efficiently and safely. With these procedures, we can ensure the quality of the unit and start you off on the right foot.


use your STIHL tools

After you purchase the unit, HomCo will make sure the unit is fully assembled and will fill the unit with fuel that is a 50:1 mix of 89 octane gasoline and HP Ultra STIHL Oil. Next, HomCo will start and run each unit to ensure the unit is running properly. HomCo may have to adjust the carb setting for you because we are at a different altitude than the manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach. When we start it, we make sure that everything is running correctly so when you walk out the door your tool is ready to use. HomCo will also start and run all Electric and Lithium-Ion products to ensure the unit is operating efficiently and correctly. If you feel you need more information, we can take you out back and have you run and start the unit with us, but to do this you need to have all safety equipment on with us as we help you with your unit.


your STIHL tools

Here at HomCo, we are a full-service dealer for STIHL, so we not only sell the products, but we service all of their products. If you have a STIHL product and it is not running correctly or you just have a question about your unit, please come down to HomCo and talk to our technicians.

HomCo is your one-stop shop for all of your STIHL product needs. We will make sure you are getting the best quality products with the best customer service. In previous blogs, we showcase some of the STIHL products we offer. Visit our previous posts or come to HomCo to learn more about STIHL products.