Relieve Stress While Donating to Charity – Homco’s Ladies Night in Flagstaff, AZ

HomCo is excited to ditch the fashion show for this year’s Ladies Night Out in Flagstaff and swap it with a smash room. Why? Well, HomCo wanted to empower women through the power that they hold within them. Instead of holding all of the stress in from life, trying to be perfect women, and worrying about the people in their lives, women can come to our Ladies Night to go wild in the Smash Room. Make the mess by shattering, breaking, stomping, and tearing through objects to release the stress and embrace the power that everyone has with the added benefit of not cleaning up the mess. Smash rooms are a great way to make people feel better about themselves and demonstrating the power that people have inside them, which shows them that they have the power to do anything that they put their minds to. That is why we chose the smash room over the fashion show this year for Ladies Night.

This Ladies Night will have two smash room set up during the event. Each room will take up to four women at a time. For only five dollars, you get a two-minute session in the smash room! Unless you buy a VIP ticket for $60, then you get into the smash rooms for free (see Ladies Night Blog for information about the VIP ticket package). The proceeds will go to the Sharon Manor Foundation, a local organization working for domestic violence victims by giving them the support and resources they need (For more information about what exactly Sharon Manor does, please visit our previous blog on this subject). Each session will start with women getting decked out in safety equipment which includes coveralls, facemask, eye protection, helmet, and gloves. Because your safety is important to us, keep in mind that women must have on closed-toe shoes to enter the room, so please wear closed-toes shoes to Ladies Night! Continuing with safely, each woman will be asked to sign a waiver and given a safety tutorial and the rules of the smash room before being allowed into the smash room to ensure everyone participating stays safe. While each session is taking place, HomCo staff will monitor the smashing to ensure safety. Our smash rooms are stocked with breakable objects and electronics that are just a blast to destroy. The smash rooms will be a great, fun activity that will help support the Sharon Manor Foundation and bring something new to HomCo’s 2019 Ladies Night.

What are the Benefits of the Smash Rooms at Ladies Night?

There will be something beneficial for everyone participating in the smash room at Ladies Night. There are many reasons why smash rooms are drawing crowds nationwide and increasing in popularity. Here are a few good reasons that you may want to visit the smash room at HomCo’s Ladies Night on November 7:th:

  • Try Something New
    • If you’re curious about smash rooms, you may want to try it out just to satisfy that curiosity! It can be an interesting form of exercise and give you a fun story to share with your friends about Ladies Night.
  • Bonding with the People in Your Life
    • If you’re going with a group of friends, it may be a great bonding experience to break things together. If you go with your partner, a friend, or a coworker who is experiencing the same stress you are, this can be a fun way to blow off steam and connect with that person.
  • It is Pure Joy to Smash Things
    • Studies have shown that it is important to enjoy activities outside of work and have fun in your life because it is a way to improve your mood, manage stress, and maintain a healthy balance in your life. Breaking things, especially with friends, can be a thrilling activity that is just pure joy.
  • For Charity
    • As stated earlier, the proceeds from the smash rooms are going to the Sharon Manor Foundation which supports victims of domestic violence here in Flagstaff, AZ, amd Northern Arizona.

    Cath Goff with HomCo got to demo the smash room and this is what she had to say:

    “The sound of the glass shattering as it touched the steel wall sent chills down my spine.  I felt exhilarated and relieved, simultaneously.  The repetitive smashing of the computer monitor helps to relieve years of pent up frustration from all the times my computer did not want to cooperate.  That piece of equipment took up most of my time in the room but was well worth the effort.  My favorite part of the smash rage room was definitely the glass bottles.  They provided instant gratification and a sense of accomplishment.  I cannot accurately describe the satisfaction I felt the moment the cold steel crowbar in my hand made contact with the glass bottle perched on the table and pieces of it went flying across the room.  You’ll just have to experience that one for yourself! If it’s fun for you to go out and break things, try something new or just bond with friends, this may be a much healthier activity then you realize.  You may find that you have more power than you ever realized. It may help you find more confidence and lift your spirits. So come to HomCo in Flagstaff, Arizona and try the SMASH ROOM!!”