Spices, rubs, and everything nice that makes the food just right! Let’s make your May barbeque tasty by discussing rubs, marinades, and other seasonings. Underseasoned meat is a crime, so here at HomCo, we will help you keep your meat seasoned with our Traeger and Blues Hog seasonings, and Rising Hy specialty sauces.

We have a variety of ways to season your foods. From rubs to sauces, we have it all when comes to rubs, shakes, marinades, and sauces. What are the differences between each of these seasonings?

Rubs and Shakes

Rubs and shakes are a dry blend of herbs, spices, salts and sometimes sugars. This dry combination is then rubbed or sprinkled on meat, poultry, or fish, but are not limited to just meats. The rubs and shakes give the food lots a flavor and sometimes add a crispy crust when grilled, broiled, baked or roasted. Since most of the spices in rubs or shakes have little calories, it is considered a healthier alternative to sauces and marinades. You can apply the spices all over the meat surface to make sure that it sticks to get that crispy crust. If you have the time or want a stronger flavor, cover the meat with a rub and let it sit in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to let the flavors sink in. Regardless of dietary preference, every cook should have a few rubs and shakes in their repertoire.


Marinades contain a combination of three basic ingredients; an acid, an oil, and herbs and spices making a liquid for you to soak your meat before you grill. The acids you can typically find in marinades are a citrus acid like lemon juice, vinegar, or wine. The acid helps tenderize the meat while adding a bright, tangy flavor. The oil, which can be an assortment of oils, penetrates the meat and brings the other unique flavors in the marinade along with it. Finally, the herbs and spices give the marinade an extra layer of delicious flavor. The most obvious reason you would want to marinate a piece of protein is to add flavor, but with a marinade, your meat will be more tender and juicier.

Here are some general guidelines that you should follow when using marinades:

  • Marinate your meat or poultry between two hours to two days.
  • Seafood and fish should be marinated for no longer than one hour.
  • Use a non-reactive container such as plastic or glass. Stay away from aluminum, copper, or cast iron when you marinate your food.
  • If a marinade requires any heat to be made, wait for it to cool down completely before pouring it over the meat.
  • Always refrigerate your meat while it’s marinating.
  • Never reuse marinades! You can save any unused marinade in a jar for later use, but once it’s been in contact with raw meat, it can’t be reused.
  • For more information, visit https://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/all-about-marinades/

What About Sauces?

Sauces add flavor, moisture, and visual appeal to most dishes. Sauces can be served on or used to prepare foods, and can be used to help make a dish sweet or savory. Sauces are used all over the world and are the essential element in most cuisines.

Traeger Rubs, Shakes, Sauces and Marinades

HomCo carries most of the Traeger rubs, shakes, marinades and sauces. You can see what Traeger has by going to https://www.traegergrills.com. If you cannot find the Traeger product you desire, please let us special order it for you.

Many of HomCo staff love to BBQ and can help guide in the right spices for your palate. John Wright, one of our employees, loves the regular Traeger Rub, while Jonathon Whiteley, another of one of our employees, prefers the Traeger Prime Rib Rub.

Shawn Whitehead says, “My favorite rubs and seasonings are hands down the Traeger ones. They’ve really changed the ingredients these last few years and I love them. Being so busy with life, it’s nice to be able to grab a Traeger rub from the cabinet and season up whatever I’m going to cook that evening. Since having a Traeger now for several years, I do like to experiment with other rubs and sauces that are on the market, but my go-to rub is the Traeger Prime Rib rub for red meats, and the veggie shake for ALL my vegetables.”

Blues Hog Rubs and Sauces

HomCo absolutely loves the Blues Hog rubs and sauces. Blues Hog is a small family-owned company from New Haven, Missouri. They have three different rubs and five sauces which we have at HomCo. Donn, one of the HomCo Staff, stated that “Blues Hog’s Tennessee Red Sauce and Original BBQ Sauce’s sweet and spicy flavor is great on all meats, but the Honey Mustard Sauce is a thick, golden gourmet sauce that combines the sweet taste of honey with zesty taste of prepared mustard. An exotic blend of spices nurtures the natural flavors of smoked meats. Its excellent for dipping, basting or even as a delicious salad dressing.”

Click here for more information on Blues Hog.

RisingHy Specialty Sauces:

The other great specialty sauces that HomCo is proud to offer in the stores is Rising Hy. Rising Hy is a locally-owned business here in Flagstaff, Arizona. Rising Hy offers a line of gourmet sauces made with all-natural ingredients and the mission to “make the world a taster place one bottle at a time”. Rising Hy offers Habanero Hot Sauce, Honey Mustard, Habanero Olive Oil, GreenGo Sauce and Devil Salt. One customer claims “Rising Hy Honey Mustard sauce makes the best grilled chicken.” Christy Engle, another staff member here at HomCo, insisted that “Rising Hy Devil Salt is a great replacement for table salt, adding more flavor and spice. I use it on rims of Bloody Marys and margaritas, and add it to eggs, fruit, vegetables, french fries, and meat.”

Click here for more information on Rising Hy.

Thank goodness for spices, rubs, shakes, salts, marinades and sauces, which prevent crimes of improper seasoning, allowing one to impart complex flavors to everything they cook.

If you have any questions on seasoning or just general questions about how to make your BBQ better, please come down to HomCo and ask one of HomCo BBQ experts.