Though it may be a bit too soon to think of opening windows, repairing and replacing screens should never be too far from your mind. In order to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer months, you should take a look at your screens. Is there a tear that needs to be patched? Is your frame crooked? Do you need a new frame altogether? Whether your screen needs a general repair, or if you need to replace it, HomCo Lumber and Hardware has the tools and people you need to get your job done.

Repair Your Window Screens

Window Screen Repairs and Replacements

If you want the comfort of an expert handling your specific frame and screen needs, you can head over to the Cut Counter at HomCo Lumber and Hardware. Not only can they cut screens, they can also repair window screens, window frames, and screens for your screen doors. Just bring the screen or frame to the cut counter, and the associate will assist you.

If you wish to replace your screen, you can bring your frame in and they can attach the screen for you, or you can take a measurement of your window and attach it yourself at home. When measuring your frame, make sure to measure the entire frame. This allows extra material on the screen so that when you are inserting the screen into your frame, you won’t be struggling to get it to fit.

If you need a frame replaced, you will need to take some specific measurements. Take your old frame and measure the width; this will be the smallest measurement on the window, less than an inch. Frames come in three widths: 5/16ths, 3/8ths, and 7/16ths of an inch. There is no standard or most common width, so knowing the width of your frame beforehand is the fastest way to get your completed frame out of the door and save yourself a trip going back home. Another important measurement is the size. This one is easier to do. You can either measure your old frame for length and height, which is easier or measure the interior of the window; where the frame will go. Make sure to write both measurements down in inches. Having the correct measurements of your window frame will save you multiple trips back and forth from your home, which means that your frame will be completed sooner. Just in time for warmer weather.

If you are worried that the frame won’t fit, that isn’t a problem. HomCo will build the bare frame and you can take it home to make sure that it fits. If it does, great! You can bring in the frame and we will screen it for you. If not, HomCo will build a frame in a different size. If you have other questions about measurement, availability, or materials, Bill Fisher, the lead at the cut counter, can help. Just call HomCo Lumber and Hardware at (928) 779-6111.

Do note that HomCo Lumber and Hardware will not repair screen doors due to the myriad of brands and sizes available on the market. We do carry some replacement pieces, like track wheels, so you can determine if the item we carry fits your needs. Though we cannot repair your door for you, we will gladly order you a new screen door. You can speak with the associates at the Building Material Center, and they will walk you through the order and help you find the perfect screen door.

Due to the amount of people who need their frames and screens repaired and replaced, the queue during the late spring and early summer months can get rather long, up to a week. Getting your repairs and replacements done sooner rather than later ensures a quicker turnaround time. So, when you have a free weekend, regardless of the weather, come into HomCo Lumber and Hardware with your measurements, and the cut counter can get your window done for you without the long summer wait.

Replace Your Window Screens

Repairing and Replacing Window Screens at Home

Though having HomCo Lumber and Hardware replace and repair your screens and frames is easier, you can also do so yourself without difficulty. Replacing a window screen only takes a few tools: a screwdriver, scissors, a screen roller, a box cutter or utility knife, and an awl. If you don’t have all of the tools, you can come to HomCo Lumber and Hardware to purchase them alongside your materials. Materials will include a new screen, which can be cut by the associates at the cut counter if you have the measurements; spline, and the frame. If you are purchasing a new frame to build yourself, the spline will be included in the package. HomCo also carries the screws and pegs that hold the frame to the window. All of these materials will be in the Hardware department. If you need help finding the correct item, an associate will be more than happy to assist you.

The first thing to do is determine which screen material you prefer. There is fiberglass, which is more flexible and forgiving, and there is aluminum, which is sturdier. They come in different colors, usually gray or black. There are also sunshade options to let less sun into the room, so you can select the material that best suits your living style.

Once you have all of your materials, lay them out on your work table, then lay the screen over your assembled frame. Once you have the screen aligned correctly, take the spline and your screen roller and roll the spline onto the screen and into the frame. If the screen starts bunching or wrinkling, as long as you have the fiberglass screen you can take the spline out and start over. Once the screen is in the frame, trim the screen with your box cutter or utility knife, and the screen is completed.

If you wish to repair your screen, you can pick up a patch kit at HomCo Lumber and Hardware in the Hardware department. Make sure to choose the material that fits your screen: aluminum or fiberglass. If a tear or hole is larger than three inches, it is very difficult to patch and usually needs to be replaced. When patching, lay the frame down and match the patch to the hole. Follow the instructions for specific directions, but the patch should cover the hole with some material to spare. Wipe away any extra waterproof glue before it dries, and the screen should be as good as new.

If you have any questions about screens, you can talk to the Cut Counter or the Hardware department at any time, and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Window Screen Repairs and Replacements

Maintaining Your Window Screens

Maintaining your screens is a great way of ensuring that you won’t need to fix or replace them as often. It only takes a few hours at most, depending on how many windows you have, and you only need to clean your screens once or twice a year. Doing so will ensure the integrity of your screens.

In order to clean your screens, you’ll need a few things on hand: a vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloth or sponge, some all-purpose liquid cleaner to mix with water, some towels, and a hose. If you don’t have an outdoor hose, the showerhead will do just fine.

First, remove all of your screens and lay them on your towels. You can label or organize them depending on which window they came from so you won’t have problems putting them back later. Vacuum both sides of your screens to suck up loose dust and to loosen anything extra on the screens. Then, you’ll mix the cleaner with some water. You won’t want too much cleaner, so about ¼ of a cup per half a gallon is a good starting point. Gently wash both sides of the screen with the cloth or sponge. After you clean them, rinse them off with the hose or showerhead, and let them air dry. Once the screens are completely dry, you can replace them. During the year, you can vacuum your screens so that you won’t have to clean them as often. It’s as easy as that.

HomCo Lumber and Hardware carries all-purpose cleaner, cloths, and sponges, so when you stop by to pick up other related goods or replace your screens, you can pick them up as well. If you have further questions, ask a HomCo Lumber and Hardware associate, and they can give you the answers you need.


Not only is replacing or repairing your window screens easy but getting them done at HomCo Lumber and Hardware is quick and painless. Once your screens are fixed, replaced, and cleaned, you can enjoy the warmer weather right from the comfort of inside your home. Remember to get them done sooner rather than later, and you can enjoy the entire duration of spring and summer without worrying about bugs or other pests clambering through your screens. HomCo Lumber and Hardware has the people you need to get your job done any time of the year. Speak with Bill Fisher at the cut counter for screen-related questions, and you won’t have to worry about your screens for the rest of the year.

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