Our PRO 150 Navigator not only passed the Grizzly test, but they also said the bear was demoralized.”

Good luck next time, Mr. Grizzly! HomCo is proud to carry the best coolers, Canyon Coolers! Not your average ice chest, Canyon Coolers’ mindful designs, high performance, and the no-hassle warranty set them apart from the crowd. Their coolers are for sale year-round at HomCo, including the popular Canyon Coolers 125. Learn more about the 125 Outfitters below! 

Proudly showcasing their love of the outdoors and northern Arizona in everything they make, locally owned Canyon Coolers represents everything that we love about Flagstaff! Learn more about their story from CEO and Founder, Jason Costello.

What is the story behind Canyon Coolers:

It was all an accident. I’m an everyday guy (Jason Costello, CEO, and Founder) that happened to have a little extra scratch in my pocket back in 2011 from working too many hours at my day job. A small loan to a company in Durango turned into me sitting on 300 coolers that I needed to sell. I went from retrofitting them with latches and a seal I liked to now (10 years later) designing products and manufacturing in Arizona, Thailand, and California. We are currently in 350 + stores across the country and parts of Canada with HomCo being one of our very favorite dealers. 

People should know Flagstaff was also making high-end coolers in the 1980s, long before the super cooler fad, so it made sense to bring it back. We had to. The canyon is the little boutique company swimming with sharks, but we have had the best customers and dealers on earth and they keep us going and growing.

What makes Canyon Coolers unique?

We really live and play in the Arizona deserts, mountains, and rivers. The mindful designs, high performance, and our no-hassle warranty all reflect what we want to see as outdoor enthusiasts. Passion, design, and warranty set us apart. 

What is the difference between the Pro and Outfitter Coolers?

The Outfitter is our classic line. It’s tried and true, featuring a streamlined design, simple effective latches, strong performance. What it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in value and ruggedness. Many of them also nest one inside the other. The Outfitters really got us to where we are now. 

The PRO’s are our newest flagship model. They are hand-assembled in Flagstaff, Arizona and many of them are rotomolded in Prescott, AZ. They like to pick fights with other coolers and they don’t lose. Our PRO 150 Navigator not only passed the Grizzly test, but they also said the bear was demoralized. PRO’s come with extra thick insulation, a divider that turns into a table, a whole new latch system including modularity to accept a number of accessories we are working on right here in Flagstaff. 

What is Canyon Coolers’ warranty policy?

No hassle, no receipt, no time limit. We just make it right, period. Trustpilot rates us 4.9/5 stars for customer satisfaction with 1500 reviews and counting.

What are some of the “coolest” features Canyon Coolers have to offer?

We keep the good stuff COLD! Our Prospector and Navigator Cooler have baskets that adjust to different heights. Our PRO’s will be coming out with a pantry bag that attaches to the side table. Our 55 Outfitters fits inside our 125 Outfitters. Our NOMAD soft cooler totes are secretly awesome, beating ‘Brand Y’ in ice retention and a backpack version is coming this September. We are collaborating with a local Hopi Artist on some super chill drinkware we can’t wait to release. 

Canyon Cooler Testimonials

Jon Fawcett Verified Customer

“Never thought I’d feel compelled to give a review on a cooler. This thing is rad. I feel that they thought of everything with being price conscious to boot. I use mine for my Jeep and I can ratchet strap the cooler with their design so it won’t move any direction. The design allows for max capacity and there isn’t any wasted space. I have bought many of the other brands and with a lifetime warranty, I’m not sure why you would buy anything else. Strong work Canyon Coolers.”


We couldn’t agree more with Jon, these things ARE rad! Plus, in case it’s been a while since you’ve been to the gym, they even have a cooler with wheels, the Mule 30. Whether you’re out fishing for the day, doing a week-long raft trip, or in charge of snacks at a kiddos baseball game, Flagstaff-based Canyon Coolers has the cooler for you. Personally, we can’t wait for the new backpack cooler and Hopi designed drinkware!

If you’ve ever played cooler road trip Tetris in your car, you know what we mean we say WE LOVE Canyon Coolers’ design. Straight flush walls and no cupcake top lids allow them to fit perfectly in your space. Backseat, trunk, Jeep, or canoe. We appreciate them thinking first and foremost about who uses their coolers and how they use them. 

If you have any questions about Canyon Coolers, be sure to swing by HomCo and let us know. We are here to help and consider ourselves Canyon Cooler experts. They are the best!