Spring is the perfect time for spring cleaning and organization, and what better way to start than by organizing your toolshed? This month, our HomCo team member and master builder, Marc Braatz is helping our customers build a DIY tool organizer. This project is incredibly affordable and simple enough for nearly anybody to do. Whether you’re a professional builder with plenty of tools to organize or new to DIY and still building your tool collection, HomCo’s experts are here to help. HomCo is a builder’s one-stop-shop, and we have everything you need to organize your toolshed this month!

What You’ll Need:

  • Two pcs. of 2×4
  • 1 pc. of 2×8
  • 3”-3 ½” screws
  • Two pcs. Of 3” PVC pipe
  • 1 ½” pan head screws

Step 1:

Decide how wide you want your tool holder to be. How many tools do you want to store in the holder? Consider the width of the shovels, racks, ect., when laying out the spacing for tools.

Step 2:

Cut two pcs. of 2×4 and 1 pc. of 2×8 to the desired length (width of the project). Example: If the tool holder is six feet wide cut 2 pcs. Of 2×4 and 1 pc. Of 2×8 to six feet long.

Step 3:

Fasten the 2×8 to one edge of one of the pcs. Of 2×4 with 3”-3 ½” screws.

Step 4:

After deciding the number of tools to be stored in the holder layout the spacing on the face of the 2×8 and one side of the other 2×4.

Step 5:

You will need two pcs. Of 3” PVC pipe for each tool. Cut each pc. Of PVC five (5”) long from a square cut to the long point at 15º angle.

Step 6:

Bore an ⅛” DIA hole in the upper portion of the angle cut. On the Front of the pipe before a ½” hole approximately 1 ¼” from bottom to access a lower screw. Bore an ⅛” DIA hole in the back of each pipe directly behind the ½” access hole.

Step 7:

Fasten pcs. Of PVC pipe to 2×4 and to 2×8 on layout with 1 ½” pan head screws. Hold all pcs. On 2×8 ½” above 2×4 to allow for dirt or water to run out.

Step 8:

Install the 2×4 / 2×8 unit at a desired location approx. 6” above ground level. Install the other 2×4 unit approx. 30” – 36” above the lower unit. Allow enough room to insert and remove tools without overhead issues.

That’s it! Happy DIY-ing!

That’s it! We hope you enjoy your organized space and we’d love to see photos! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram with your tool organizer or post a photo in the comments below. Happy building!