Staring at your walls a little more than normal these days? Thinking they could use a fresh coat of paint? Maybe your kids are getting older and they have their own ideas about what color their walls should be. Painting is an easy and affordable way to dramatically change your space. For the easiest way to paint a room, follow our instructions below and give us a call today with any questions you may have!

Mike from our paint department walks you through how to paint a room, the supplies you’ll need and the steps you should take. He’s using Dunn Edwards paint and a variety of brushes and painters tape. HomCo paint experts; Mike, Matt, Leah, and Evan can all help you decide what brushes will be best depending on the texture of your walls and help with any questions you have about color or paint sheen. Let’s get started!

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What You’ll Need to Paint a Room

  • Paint (We recommend Dunn Edwards paint)
  • Painters Tape
  • Big Roller Brush
  • 5-Gallon Bucket
  • Paint Bucket Grid
  • Small Brush for edging and corners
  • Wet Rag
  • Caulk (optional)

Step #1:

Tape off any areas you don’t want the paint to get on. Doors, edging, windows, light fixtures or accent walls. 

Step #2:

Pour your paint into a 5-gallon bucket. The cost to paint a room varies on the quality of paint and how much you will need. We can help you decide which paint sheen will be best for your space and estimate the amount you’ll need. 

Step #3: 

Dip your big roller brush into the paint and start spreading it on the wall.

Step #4:  

Once you’ve finished all the areas your big roller brush can paint, use the bucket your paint came in as a “cut bucket.” You’ll take the small brush and dip it into the can to “cut the paint in” the corners and edges. Let the brush do the work, you don’t need that much paint. It’s nice to have a wet rag handy as you’re painting in case you accidentally spill or get paint on yourself.

Watch our Step-by-Step Tutorial:

That’s it! Good luck painting!

There are a lot of fancy tools you can use to make the job a little easier. Edgers and extended reach brushes, small sponges and large ladders are just some of the supplies HomCo carries. Whatever your project, we can help walk you through all the supplies you need to spruce up your space any time of the year!