If your junk drawer is anything like ours, you probably have a bunch of unused keys floating around in there. You’re not sure what they open but you know you haven’t used them in years. Good news! We’ve got a great family-friend project today that lets you put those mystery keys to use! Ian from the HomCo plumbing department is going to show you how to make a key hanger with a shelf.

What You’ll Need for This Project:

  • 1 Back (Board #1)
  • 1 Shelf (Board #2) 
  • Key hooks and screws
  • 2 Shelf Supports (Board #3)
  • 10 5 Finish Nails

Step #1

Sand all flat surfaces prior to assembly. Do not sand edges or ends at this time. Use either a sanding block or a folded piece of sandpaper. 80 or 100 grit.

Step #2

Apply glue to one edge of the back of board #1. Center the shelf piece, board #2, on the edge with glue and fasten with 3 nails. Keep the back of the shelf flush against the back edge of the back piece.

Step #3

Fasten shelf support (boards #3) to each end of the back ( board #1) and under the shelf (board #2) with nails. Apply glue to the top of each support and the back

Step #4

Sand assembled project easing all corners and removing any splinters.

Step #5

Install “Key Hooks” in desired locations with screws provided. (Use a nail & hammer to “start” the holes for an easier installation of screws)

A few pieces of wood, some old keys, screws, and glue and you’ve got yourself a unique key hanger! Don’t forget to make this your own with craft paint, spray paint, stickers or stencils. The opportunities for creative expression are limitless! Now that this project is done, maybe your next project is cleaning out that junk drawer! We’ve already got you started.

Watch our Step-by-Step Tutorial: