Looking for a unique way to display your favorite pictures? Simona from the Carhartt department at HomCo walks us through the steps to create this easy and fast string photo frame. You only need a few supplies and a little creativity! If you missed our HomTooling supply kits, we can still help get you the correct sized boards and twine so you can easily make you own. Give us a call and let us know what you need!

Your finished hanging picture frame can look any way you’d like. Pick out your favorite paint or stencils to make it all your own. We’ve seen kids cover them with stickers and parents use glossy spray paint. It’s up to you!

What You’ll Need for This Project

  • 3 pieces of twine, all the same length (this will be the length of your hanging project)
  • 1 small piece of twine (this will be the hanger you use to put the finished project on the wall)
  • 2 pieces of wood with holes for the twine
  • Optional: paint, stickers, sandpaper, clothespins, clips

Step #1:

Lightly sand wooden pieces to remove any splinters.

Step #2:

Start with your shortest piece of twine. Double knot ONE end, then thread the opposite end through your second hole in your 1st board. Pull your twine through until the knot is against the wood. Next, thread the end through either the 4th hole on the wood with 5 holes, or the 5th hole on the wood with 6 holes. Then, double knot the end. This is your Hanger.

Step #3: 

Grab your other pieces of twine. They’re all the same length. Double knot ONE end of each piece. Thread one piece of twine through each of the remaining holes on the wooden piece you just added the hanger piece to (Board #1). Pull each piece of twine through until the knot is against the wood.

Step #4:  

Next, thread each of the pieces of twine through the matching holes in your other piece of wood (Board #2). Double knot the ends once pulled through. Note: **Care should be taken to get all pieces of twine are the same length when tying knots**

Step #5: 

Add stickers to your wooden boards or before you add the twine, paint them your favorite color! Using clips or clothespins, attach pictures through the strings for your finished project!

That’s it! Good luck building!

This unique hanging photo frame is a great DIY for kids and adults alike. Hang the kiddos coloring pages or pictures from your last vacation. Use puffy paint or sponges to decorate the wooden boards or leave it plain and add your favorite stickers. The possibilities are endless for your own hanging picture frame!