It is sometimes difficult to know which fireplace to purchase for your project, especially in regards to your budget and how much you should spend, but it is important that you choose a fireplace that will meet your expectations because changing it later will involve completely removing the facing, modifying the framing, and installing a completely new fireplace and vent system.


When selecting a fireplace for a new home or if you are remodeling an existing fireplace area, it is important that you carefully weigh suitable fireplace options prior to beginning the project. All fireplaces have their own set of benefits and installation requirements that must be addressed during the design stage.

The purpose of the appliance, whether it will be an important heat source or primarily an aesthetic design element, and the cost of the fireplace are some of the concerns to address.

It is also very important to realize that the installation manual may require a significant clearance between the fireplace and any mantle, television, or other combustible item in its vicinity. Fireplaces also have strict requirements concerning what finishing materials must be used to complete the project.


Fireplaces and other hearth appliances are typically available in three broad categories, usually referred to as builder grade, custom, and luxury fireplaces. These categories increase in price accordingly and correspond roughly by price and features.

Builder Grade Fireplaces

Builder grade fireplaces typically have relatively basic on/off controls, tempered instead of ceramic glass, less detailed log sets and interior panels, as well as lower Btu ratings. These fireplaces are well suited for apartments, townhomes, and condominiums where low cost is the priority and living areas are smaller requiring less heat.

Custom Fireplaces

Custom fireplaces are the largest category of appliances for us and are frequently installed during remodel projects as upgrades and in larger single-family homes where the homeowner desires a specific look, set of features, and heating performance. These fireplaces commonly utilize a special ceramic glass that has a very high heat tolerance (over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit) that is also highly resistant to thermal shock. This glass can capture and radiate large amounts of heat from the front of the fireplace into the room and is much safer in situations where it could encounter a high-stress situation such as near a bathtub or on a patio.

Custom fireplaces usually have a highly detailed and realistic log set with a glowing ember bed and ceramic burner to provide a flame appearance that often exceeds what a customer would expect from a gas fire. To accent high-quality gas logs, a variety of interior firebox panels are available. These panels can be a traditional looking brick panel in several colors, a ledgestone or castle stone panel, or even a reflective porcelain enamel or glass lining to further enhance the flame appearance.

These premium firebox and burner packages are controlled by an energy-efficient electronically controlled pilot system, feature a variable flame height and a heat circulation fan that can all be manually or thermostatically controlled with the included remote control. There are typically even methods to duct heat of these appliances and transfer it to adjacent rooms or send it outside to enjoy your fire even on warmer days.

Luxury Fireplaces

Luxury fireplaces encompass appliances that are commonly larger (sometimes 72” or wider), have premium logs and panels or glass crystals with a variety of media options like river stones, steel sculptures, and geometric shapes. Some of these fireplaces employ multicolored LED lighting and can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

Along with choosing the right fireplace for your design and heating needs, it is also important to research the manufacturer’s warranty policy and the qualifications or the dealer, installer, and service technicians. A good product, professional installation, and comprehensive warranty coupled with a qualified service technician will ensure that your fireplace meets your expectations and functions properly for years to come.




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If you are looking for gas, pellet, or wood stoves for your new fireplace or are seeking to repair/maintain your existing fireplace, our trustworthy and knowledgeable staff will be there to assist you in your journey. Once you pick the best option for your project, HomCo’s staff can install and service your new unit. Contact Janice, Jason, or Jake at 928-799-6111 and schedule an appointment so they can help you will all your fireplaces needs.