This week at HomCo, we built birdhouses as a part of our Young Builder and HomTooling series. Spring into spring with your young builder by giving your neighborhood birds an awesome home! Follow the instructions below to make a birdhouse. This is a great family-friendly DIY activity that you can do from home. Young builders, get your hammers ready!

Watch the Video:

Step 1:

Begin by placing sections A (Base) and B (Front) together, aligning all pre-drilled holes. Place a nail in each hole and hammer until nails are flush with wood.

Step 2:

Place sections C (Side) along the edges of section A and B with the slit inward. Make sure all pre-drilled holes are aligned. Place nails and hammer until flush.

Step 3:

Place section D (Side) on the opposite side, with the slit facing inward. Make sure all pre-drilled holes are aligned, place nails and hammer until flush.

Step 4:

Take section E (back/ Plexiglas) and slide it down both slits located on the inner back sections of C and D.

Step 5:

Take section F (Roof) and place it on top, make sure the front and back of sections F are aligned correctly with how the birdhouse is angled at the top. Align all pre-drilled holes, place nails, and hammer.

Step 6:

Place your birdhouse with the front (Section B) facing you, take the wooden dowel and put some glue around the end. Place in the smaller hole underneath the bigger hole, wiggle the dowel around to make sure the glue is spread. You can also add a little more glue after to fill in the cracks on the outside. This will be what the bird uses to stand on before going inside the Bird House.

Thank you for building with us! We’d love to see your finished birdhouses. To share pictures with HomCo, leave a photo in the comments or tag us on Facebook!