Here at HomCo, we are dedicated to giving back to our community and supporting local organizations, but why are we so committed to this? Well, we feel that community is a feeling of fellowship with others. It is the social responsibility of members of a community to act for the benefit of that community at large. Every contribution, regardless of its size assists in the improvement of any given situation, even if only as motivational awareness. As daunting as statistics can be for the world at large, we must start somewhere and for us at HomCo – it means starting at home – in our community. HomCo, as prospering members of our community, is merely assisting in the provision of the tools and opportunities necessary to grow, to learn, to prosper, and to live. With all of that in mind, HomCo plans and throws four events each year that the proceeds of each event are donated to support a local charity foundation.

One such event we have coming up is Ladies Night. In 2011, HomCo started Ladies Night to help raise support for local charity organizations. We realized that we needed to help a local organization that would support women and that women would be proud to support. According to the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence, one in four women have experienced domestic violence in their lifetime; this includes physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse. HomCo picked the Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona’s Sharon Manor Foundation to support through our Ladies Night because we want women and children who are survivors of domestic violence to know that the circumstances from which they have survived do not define them and there are opportunity and hope for the future, for themselves and for their children.

A General Program Overview of Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona’s Sharon Manor Program

Since 1999, over 1,500 homeless adults and children have been empowered through the Sharon Manor Program. Each year, Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona’s Sharon Manor program provides safe, stable housing for approximately a hundred homeless adult survivors of violence and their dependent children between the ages of 0-18 living in Flagstaff. The program assists clients of violence in finding permanent housing, gaining self-sufficiency, improving their safety and economic outlook towards the future.

Families who are referred to the Sharon Manor are homeless survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, and child abuse. Referrals come from social service agencies, health-care facilities, law enforcement, and crisis shelters from across Arizona. All the families we serve are low-income, have a history of abuse and have suffered physical and/or mental health challenges. Single-mother families are more likely to live in poverty than any other type of family in Arizona and domestic violence is the primary cause of homelessness for women. Sharon Manor provides a much-needed safe shelter for victims and a variety of programs that promote safety and pro-social behaviors.

For adult residents, case managers provide intensive support services aimed at helping clients address a wide range of issues such as employment, nonviolent relationships, substance abuse, and health and life skills leading to self-sufficiency and permanent housing for our clients. Their Children’s Program provides necessary interventions and social support to each child living in their facility. These interventions and social supports come from group and one-to-one sessions where youth participate in various activities to engage in pro-social behaviors, develop a positive sense of the future, and prepare for academic success.

Sharon Manors Goals

-Providing Safe Housing
Sharon Manor continues to provide safe, stable housing for families while they receive intensive case management services. These support services are leveraged with services from our community partners provide a foundation of self-sufficiently, so families may transition into having safe permanent housing.

-Case Management Services
The staff at Sharon Manor continues to provide direct support, so clients can increase their safety, remain free from violent/abusive relationships, identify and secure safe, decent and affordable permanent housing, increase household income through improved employment opportunities and/or education, and report behavioral and/or academic improvement of children. Sharon Manor staff also engages with the Flagstaff social services community for resource support and identification of needs. For example, the staff has ongoing collaborations with Child and Family Support Services, Department of Child Safety, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Guidance Center, and other youth-centered agencies.

-Long Term Viability
Sharon Manor working to ensure the long-term viability of its program. Their long-term financial goals include growing they’re planned, giving a program known as the Legacy Circle and increasing their revenue at Sharon’s Attic Thrift Store. There have also been consistent growth in our Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Donations. Increased awareness, revenue, and support will allow for the continued expansion of Sharon Manor. Their goals of securing the Community Development Block Grant funding, increasing tax credit revenue, continuing their relationships with private donors, has allowed them to begin the initial stages for expansion.

The Fiscal Year of 2018-2019 for Sharon Manor

Sharon Manor has served 83 individuals, 36 adults and 47 children, that have found safe, stable housing at Sharon Manor. 77% improved safety, 92% improved food security, 63% improved finances, and 70% improved health.

Supported 15 families after they left Sharon Manor so they may stay housed permanently.
The staff has completed 354 case management sessions with clients totaling over 600 hours.
The staff also completed 40 Children’s Groups and held 67 Homework Club sessions.

Here is the Non-Profit Impact Report that proves that Sharon Manor Foundation is making a difference within our community:

HomCo is proud to say that over the last five years, HomCo has given the Sharon Manor Foundation a total sum of $64,480 to help survivors of domestic violence here in Flagstaff. HomCo is hoping this year’s Ladies Night will raise more money for the Sharon Manor Foundation, so we encourage you to come to our Ladies Night and help support Sharon Manor Foundation. For more information about Ladies Night, please refer to our last blog about Ladies Night or go to