Do you need something to fill some free time this month, but don’t have any space for more knick-knacks? Have no fear with this month’s HomTooling project by HomCo Lumber and Hardware! Not only is this Lego-themed coat hanger fun and easy to make, but it will help you organize your winter coats and your spring sweaters. It is customizable for whatever layout and color scheme your house takes, and is a fun and simple project to do with your kids. Today we have both a video and this blog post to help walk you through step-by-step on how to assemble your own Lego coat hanger.

Watch the video:

Follow these instructions:

Before starting this project, swing on by HomCo Lumber and Hardware to pick up the materials for the project (while supplies last). The materials include:

  • 8 Circle Pieces
  • 8 Nails
  • 2 Coat Hooks
  • 1 Rectangular Piece of Wood
  • Hammer/Mallet (not provided)
  • Paint or Stain (optional, not provided)

You will need to provide your own hammer or mallet and whatever paint or stain you would like to color with, but everything else that you need is included in the pack that you can pick up at the service counter near the front entrance.

Assembling this coat hanger is luckily not too difficult. First, you should paint all of the pieces in the colors that you want. You can plan ahead to have a cohesive pattern, or you can color the pieces randomly for a fun and quirky final design. After the paint has dried completely, lay out the pieces.

First, put two of the circle pieces on each of the ends of the rectangular piece of wood. The wooden piece should resemble a longer-than-average lego. After that, hammer one nail into each of the circle pieces to hold them in place. After you have the end circles hammered on, you’ll arrange the remaining four circles into a square pattern in the middle and hammer those down with one nail each. The final product should look as if two Lego pieces are side by side.

Once all of the circle pieces are in place, you’ll start screwing in the coat hooks. There will be pre-drilled holes in the wood, so you won’t need a drill or anything heavy duty for this. Each coat hook should be about in the middle of the square horizontally, and about an inch from the bottom, give or take.

And the project is done! You can hang it up wherever you like, whether this is by the door, in a bedroom, or somewhere in the kitchen. Not only is this a fun project to customize, but it is easy to do and, aside from the painting and drying, can be done in almost no time at all.

Thanks for building with HomTooling!

This project is sure to brighten up any room that you hang it in, and it’s a great way to spend some time with your kids while teaching them how to craft fun, yet useful objects. The finished project also yields a useful piece to use around the home that you’ll be using for years. The simple design, but customizable nature, allows creativity to flow while the instructions help prevent your kids from becoming lost.

Like with the other HomTooling projects, HomCo Lumber and Hardware will also be accepting donations for the Boys and Girls Club of Flagstaff.

Better get on that crafting!