Father’s Day is on the horizon, and soon you’ll be celebrating your father, stepfather, grandfather, or the other important men in your life. When it’s time to spoil Dad and thank him for all he’s done for you, only the best will do. But finding the best Father’s Day gifts isn’t always easy. After all, Dads are not all created equal: the best gifts for a Dad who loves the outdoors might fall flat for the DIY Dad, who toils away the weekends in his woodshop. That’s why we’ve put together HomCo’s Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide to help you find the perfect give for your Dad based on his interests and hobbies. Whether you’re shopping for Father’s Day presents weeks in advance or trying to find the perfect last-minute gift, we’ve got you covered at HomCo!

For the coolest Dad:

Give the gift of Canyon Coolers

Canyon Cooler at HomCo Flagstaff

Why your dad will love it: Every Dad THINKS they’re the coolest, but you know that yours really is. This Father’s Day, make him proud and show him he’s taught you well in the art of the Dad joke by giving him a Canyon Cooler alongside a card reading, “There’s no one cooler than you, Dad.” Of course, he’ll love it for more than just the pun.

There is a Canyon Cooler to suit any situation. If your Dad’s weekends are filled with hiking and fishing trips, consider the lightweight, soft-body Nomad 20. If Dad’s hobbies are a bit more rough and tumble, consider the bombproof Outfitter 125. With the capacity to hold 5-7 days worth of food for a family of five, the 125 has everything he needs, whether he’s embarking upon some serious off-grid camping or hosting a tailgate party his buddies will never forget. If Dad is already a Canyon man, HomCo, your Flagstaff Canyon Cooler dealer,can help you stock up on Canyon Cooler accessories, such as cooler baskets, tie-downs, seat cushions, and more.

For the athletic Dad:

Give the gift of disc golf

Disc Golf at HomCo Flagstaff

Why your Dad will love it: If the man in your life is a disc golfer, it’s hard to imagine there’s anything he doesn’t already have. With just a quick look around his car, home, and office, you’re bound to see a disc or two (or seven) lying around. How could he possibly need more, you wonder? If you ask, he’ll be glad to tell you, we promise. Or, you could take our word for it and then take a look at some of these perfect gifts for the disc golfing Dad.

Whether he’s a seasoned player or a disc golf novice, you can’t go wrong with disc golf discs from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs. Or, shop for some disc golf accessories you know he wants but won’t splurge on for himself on his own, like a new disc rack or disc golf bag or caddy.

For the outdoorsy Dad:

Give the gift of camping gear

Yeti cooler camping gear at HomCo Flagstaff

Why your Dad will love it: If Dad loves nothing more than to lace up his boots and head off into the great outdoors, new camping equipment could be the perfect Father’s Day gift. If he’s been amassing a shed full of camping supplies since the Y2K crisis, it can be intimidating to find something he doesn’t have yet. But there’s no reason not to consider upgrading some of his overworn camping accessories with the latest gear.

Was your Dad’s cooler field-tested against a grizzly bear? “You see this cooler? Slap a lock on it, and even a grizzly can’t get in,” is precisely the sort of thing every Dad wants to say. And when you give him a new Yeti cooler for Father’s Day, he can.

If Dad’s all set on grizzly-proof camping gear, consider upgrading his camping stove, re-stocking his survival kit, or getting him a new backpack with plenty of pockets and padded shoulder straps to help ease the burden on his ever-aching back.

For the handy Dad:

Give the gift of tools

Dewalt Tools at HomCo Flagstaff

Why your Dad will love it: Have a Dad who can fix anything? Chances are, his wish list has more than a few new power tools, large and small hand tools, and accessories on it. Even the most well-stocked workbench can use a few additions and figuring out what Dad needs is easier than you think.

Do cries of “who took my tape measurer” ring through the house every weekend? Head on down to the tool store and pick up a new Stanley Tape Measure (or two). Do his lumber tools have a distinctly pre-1970s sheen of rust and carry tales of how “my father gave me this saw on my eighth birthday?” A new Milwaukee Sawzall reciprocating saw is just what he needs (and secretly wants).
Do half of Dad’s projects get put on hold until he can find the right drill bit? Does he swear he just saw that bit a minute ago even though it never again resurfaces? A new DeWalt ToughCase or Bit Set is just the thing.

For the master chef Dad:

Give the gift of a grill

Traeger Grill at HomCo Flagstaff

Why your Dad will love it: Archaeologists can examine prehistoric spears and ponder their development all they want. Ask any wife why ancient men invented spears, and she’ll give you the right answer immediately: men like poking at fires with sticks. For Father’s Day, you can soothe this primal urge with modern fires and sticks: the grill. Whether dad is a gas grill man or prefers charcoal or pellets, there’s a grill to make every Dad happy on Father’s Day.

Consider Weber’s classic kettle-style grill for a tried and true favorite that can be set up and ready to cook in under an hour, all for less than $100. Or, for serious backyard grilling and smoking, go in with your siblings on a Traeger pellet grill. Not only will you have Dad smiling from ear to ear when he opens it, but you can look forward to some seriously delicious barbecue in return all summer long.

For the relaxed Dad:

Give the gift of patio furniture

deck furniture and outdoor seating at HomCo Flagstaff

Why your Dad will love it: If Dad’s idea of the great outdoors stops at your backyard, new deck furniture and outdoor seating might be just the ticket. Not sure what type of outdoor furniture suits him best? A quick study of his habits can help reveal the perfect gift.

After a big family meal, where are you most likely to find your father? If dad sneaks off to HIS chair to sneak in a snooze, he’s the ideal candidate for a new porch swing or Adirondack chair. If Dad starts taking a headcount for the post-dinner card game he’s starting in the family room, he might appreciate a high top table or patio set so he can take the fun outside.

For the creative Dad:

Give the gift of paint

Dunn Edwards paint at HomCo Flagstaff

Why your Dad will love it: If whiffs of turpentine and flashes of color accompany thoughts of your Dad, you know there’s nothing he loves more than filling a blank canvas. Whether that canvas is the family room walls, the garage doors, or an actual canvas, you can find gifts at your local paint center he’s sure to love.

If you know he’s picked his next painting project but hasn’t started yet, a DIY Father’s Day card made out of Dunn Edwards paint swatches along with a gift card to HomCo, his favorite paint store, can help him get started. If he’s had to put his creative project on hold because he’s running short on paint, sneak a dipped mixing stick of his chosen color to HomCo, your local paint center. We’ll be able to match the color and sheen for you and even estimate how much paint he’ll need to finish the project. If finding time to finish projects is Dad’s biggest challenge, why not show up on Father’s Day with some coveralls, drop cloths, and paint so you can take over the wall or house painting for him, and give him a much deserved day off?


We hope you found inspiration for Dad by reading HomCo’s Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide. No matter what you decide to give Dad this Father’s Day, the most important part of the day is showing him how much he means to you. If you’re not sure what to give the Dad who seems like he doesn’t just have it all, but somehow has TWO of everything, don’t panic. Your local experts at HomCo Lumber and Hardware are here to help. Whether it’s figuring out which pressure washer accessories to give him or coming up with the perfect barbecue pun to put in his card, we’ve got you (and Dad) covered.