Father’s Day this year falls on Sunday, June 16 and the biggest question right now is what to get Dad for Father’s Day. Tools of any kind are always a great gift idea for dad and at HomCo, we have lots of tools to choose from – from basic hand tools to the best power tools from brands like DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Hilti and STIHL. With all of these brands to choose from, come to HomCo and let one of our associates help you find the best gift for your Dad this Father’s Day.

Say Thank You to dad

with the a STIHL Trimmer

Out of all of the tools here, we think a trimmer is a great gift idea for Father’s Day this year. This May, Flagstaff has had a lot of moisture which has caused a great deal of weeds to start growing and getting out of control, so a trimmer is a great gift idea for Dad. This year, HomCo is going to give one lucky dad a STIHL trimmer on Father’s Day (Check out our Facebook page for details).

STIHL has a lot of different options in trimmers to choose from. STIHL has battery powered, electrical powered, or gas power trimmers. You can go to https://www.stihlusa.com/products/product-selector/trimmers-and-brushcutters-product-selector/ and answer a few simple questions and receive a list of trimmers that is recommended for you.

We carry a wide variety of trimmers at HomCo. Talk to an expert to help find the perfect trimmer for your dad.

Below is a chart that is also a great guide when you are thinking about buying a STIHL trimmer:

Having the right tool for the job can make all the difference when it comes to trimmers. STIHL offers many different trimmer heads and cutting blades that can be used on their trimmers. Many of our customers love their STIHL AutoCut® Easy Spool Trimmer Head because it is easy to load the cutting attachments and does not require any disassembly of the head.

Recently, HomCo brought in STIHL PolyCut 7-3 trimmer heads. The PolyCut trimmer head is a universal cutting tool for trimming your lawn and has three plastic blades that are easy to replace. John Wright with our Contract Sales just applied the PolyCut to his trimmer and loves it. He cuts around his chainlink fence and did not have to replace one blade. HomCo is an Authorized STIHL Dealer and we have many associates to explain the many options available to help you find the right replacement head, blade and line for your trimmer.

We also have many other different brands of trimmers here at HomCo. We carry Milwaukee and Makita battery power trimmers, and Black and Decker Electric Trimmers.

For the dad that prefers

cordless & quiet trimmers

The Makita String Trimmer combines the efficient cutting performance that people desire with reduced noise and cordless operation. The battery can also be used in another tool system that Makita runs with the 18 V battery (https://www.makitatools.com/ope/ope-shop/cordless-string-trimmers).

Your dad (and his neighbors) will love how quiet the Makita String Trimmer is.

For the dad that prefers

long battery life

Additionally, Milwaukee has a great cordless string trimmer at HomCo. The M18 FUEL String Trimmer reaches full throttle in under one second and provides up to one hour of run-time per charge. M18 is designed to meet landscape maintenance professionals’ and homeowners’ needs and has multiple speed settings. The high-speed setting is designed to clear thick brush and the low setting is designed to maximizes runtime while trimming grass. This battery is also compatible with other Milwaukee units with the M18 system (https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Products/Outdoor-Power-Equipment/String-Trimmers/2725-21HD).

Milwaukees cordless trimmer has a long-lasting battery and a lot of power

For the dad that prefers

low cost & high value

If you’re looking for a durable lightweight and lower cost trimmer, then the Black and Decker Electric trimmer would be a good fit. Even though it’s not the fanciest model out there, it is a very economical choice.

Black + Decker electric trimmers are a great economical choice for Father’s Day

With all the rain we have had here in Flagstaff lately, you will need a trimmer to control all the weeds. HomCo carries lots of different types of trimmers and one of our helpful associates can help you find the right one for your trimming projects.

For the dad that

already has a great trimmer

A trimmer not for you or your Dad? Luckily for you, STIHL is still having their Dealer Days Sale right now. The STIHL MS 170 is $20 off, going from $179 to $159. This chainsaw could be a great gift idea if your dad is looking to do some trimming or cutting small trees, cutting fallen limbs, and other wood cutting tasks around the yard. The MS 170 is a perfect lightweight chainsaw for homeowners seeking a great value. Compact and lightweight with just the right amount of power for small projects around the house.

Save $20 on the STIHL MS 170 during STIHL Dealer Days

Father’s Day is a day to honor your father or the important man that had the most influence on your life. The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams, and aspirations he sets out, not only for himself, but for his family. We want to say thanks to all the Dads that work for us and shop at our store – your support means a great deal to us. If you do not have the money to buy Dad a gift this year, just remember that spending the day with him may be all he needs.


So, Happy Father’s Day and HomCo is here to help you through all you Father’s Day projects.