Oftentimes, you will find that making a delicious grilled chicken can be deceptively difficult. Mess up in one spot and your meal may become rubbery or too dry to enjoy. While you don’t need the Best BBQ grill on the market to make it happen, having a nice smoker such as the Oklahoma Joe Bronco helps. A local celebrity, Jamie Thousand from Satchmo’s in Flagstaff Arizona, has found a minimalistic yet delicious BBQ chicken recipe that uses only 2 simple ingredients. By following the steps in this recipe and using “Jamie’s Grilling Tips,” you’ll be on your way to making a perfectly cooked chicken in no time!

Satchmo’s specializes in Cajun and BBQ comfort food and keeps a strong emphasis on community and the people within it. Other than tasty chicken, they make great ribs, beef brisket, and pulled pork. With food so great that it made it onto Southern Living magazine, you’ll have to try it out!

Oklahoma Joe at HomCo Flagstaff Arizona

About Oklahoma Joe’s Smokers & Grills

For this grilled chicken recipe, we used the Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Drum Smoker. This BBQ smoker is Oklahoma Joe’s take on how to retain an authentic style of smoking, but in a grill that has been engineered to allow for enhanced airflow. This gives its users more control over smoke and heat distribution throughout the entire process. A modular smoking chamber lets users get crafty with how they prepare their food with options like meat hooks, hangers, and porcelain-coated grill tops. The oversized sized charcoal basket holds enough fuel for up to 10 hours of uninterrupted smoking time, but for this grilled chicken recipe you’ll only need about 2.5 hours.

Supplies & Accessories:

Thermapen Meat Thermometer at HomCo Flagstaff Arizona

Thermapen Meat Thermometer

  • Leave-in Meat Thermometer (like the Smoke 2-Channel Alarm): A consistent read on temperature is crucial to making any BBQ recipe work. One product Jamie uses that eliminates some of the guesswork is the Smoke 2-Channel Alarm. This thermometer is able to accurately measure both the temperature of the meat you’re grilling and the temperature of the pit at the same time.
  • Instant-Read Thermometers (like the ThermapenⓇ MK4): To get a truly accurate gauge on the internal temperature of your meat, you will want a nice thermometer. We recommend the ThermapenⓇ MK4. The ThermapenⓇ MK4 produces results you can trust in 2-3 seconds while being splashproof, NIST-Traceable calibration certified, and fully ambidextrous.

Weber Chimney Star at HomCo Flagstaff Arizona

Weber Chimney Starter

A good way to get a jump start on your grilling when using charcoal briquets is to use a Weber Chimney Starter. This allows for an ample stream of airflow making your coals light much quicker. When making whole grilled chicken at high altitudes like in Flagstaff, this item is a must-have.

Blues Hog Cherry Wood Chunks at HomCo Flagstaff Arizona

Blues Hog Cherry Wood Chunks
To give your meat a unique smoky flavor we recommend using 2 chunks of Blues Hog Cherry Wood Chunks. Be sure to throw them on early in order to get the most flavor out of them.


Whole Chicken (3.5 lbs)
Satchmo’s Chicken Rub

Now that you know how long to grill chicken, you’re probably wondering how to grill chicken.

Our super simple ingredients list starts with a 3.5-pound whole chicken. The only other ingredient you will need is a can of Satchmo’s Chicken Rub from Satchmo’s in Flagstaff AZ.


Step One:
Add a liberal amount of Satchmo’s Chicken Rub to the whole chicken. Once it is covered in the rub, place the bird on the smoker low to the coals. The grill temperature for chicken should be around 300℉ at this point.

Step Two:
Check on the chicken after about an hour and a half of cooking. Raise the temperature to 350℉.

Step Three: 
Wait another hour or so and check the chicken one last time. You will know your chicken is ready to eat when the internal temperature in the middle is at 145℉-155℉ and the thighs are at 170℉.

Jamie’s Grilling Tip #1: If you’re lookin’ you ain’t cookin’!
Jamie’s Grilling Tip #2: Place your thermometer nearest to where your meat is!
Jamie’s Grilling Tip #3: At higher altitudes, you want as much airflow as possible!
Jamie’s Grilling Tip #4:  Set your smoker at 350℉-400℉ when smoking chicken!

BBQ grilled chicken recipe at HomCo Flagstaff Arizona


Grilling whole chicken doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and with an Oklahoma Joe’s grill, it can be made even simpler. It is important to remember that this takes time and likes to be left alone (see Jamie’s Grilling Tip #1). Keeping a few key tools on hand like a good thermometer and temperature gauge that monitors heat accurately will make a world of difference. Using a charcoal chimney starter will speed up the time it takes to start and will give you a better stream of airflow throughout the cooking process. And don’t forget to make things interesting by throwing a couple of chunks of your favorite wood in the charcoal basket! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be making mouthwatering chicken before you know it!

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