So you’re buying a grill…

Summer is here and we are in the depths of outdoor grilling season! Whether you are in the market for a grill for the first time or looking to upgrade, we are here to help! At HomCo, our inventory of grills for sale and grill accessories will blow your mind. In assisting you in deciding what type of grill and brand is best for you, we polled our customers to see why they choose a certain type of grill. We present to you, the HomCo Summer Grill Guide!

Are you a diehard grilling traditionalist who swears by charcoal? Does the convenience of a gas grill appeal to you and your busy life? Are you looking to achieve grill-smoker master chef status and impress your friends and family with the smokiest and most drool worthy creations? Whatever your goal, we have a grill for you and your budget!


The great debate: What type of grill is best?  

So this is actually a trick question because there is no one-size-fits-all grill! The answer depends on your personal preferences! We have compiled a list of the types of grills and why people choose that type of grill, so you can figure out what is best for you!

charcoal grills at HomCo Flagstaff

Charcoal grills: 

Why people choose charcoal grills: Charcoal grills are an American classic: easy to use, portable, and tend to be less expensive than other types of grills. Charcoal grills burn hotter than gas, which makes them ideal for searing meat to lock in flavors first over hot spots where charcoal is piled up and then moving your meat to cooler areas to slow down the cooking process. Those who love the extra smoky flavors in their summer barbeques will prefer a charcoal grill as their design makes it possible to smoke foods due to their dome shape. The start-to-finish cooking process is slower than with gas or pellet grills, but if you have the time we promise the charcoal grill is totally worth it! Light the charcoal, crack open a cold one with your friends while the open flame dies down to hot embers to sear your meat just the right amount! The Weber grill is the most common charcoal grill out there and is great for all levels of grillers!

Gas Grills at HomCo Flagstaff

Gas grills: 

Why people choose gas grills: Gas grills are all about convenience. The minute you light the grill, your gas grill is ready to start cooking your food. When you’ve finished grilling, you turn it off and the clean up is significantly less than that of charcoal grills and pellet grills. The main grilling accessory you will need is a grill brush to scrape off any pieces of charred meat and then clean out the catch pan on occasion. Gas fuel tends to be less expensive than charcoal, however the grill itself will likely cost you more than a charcoal grill. Gas grills make it much easier to obtain even cooking because there is a steady stream of gas and therefore a consistent heat source that you control with a dial. A gas grill is the best grill if you are just starting out on your grilling journey and have the space for them. In addition to the classic charcoal grill, Weber grills makes a great popular gas grill as well!

Pellet grills: 

Why people choose pellet grills: The experienced grill master who wants the perks of both grilling and smoking chooses the pellet grill. Similar to charcoal, you do need to preheat your pellet grill but it is a more streamlined process with more control. The pellets are stored in a hopper on the side of the grill and you adjust the heat by releasing them. What is really cool about the pellets is they come in a variety of wood flavors such as mesquite, hickory, or oat, and fruit infused flavors such as cherry, and apple. Pellet grills use convection cooking which surrounds the food with hot air and smoke. This grill and smoker combo cooks food evenly while keeping it moist. Pellet grills range in size although they do tend to be larger than charcoal grills. Traeger pellet grills tend to be our most popular pellet grills.

What’s the best brand of grill? 

Best for Flavor: Traeger Grills – The cadillac of grill and smoker combos for flavor is the Traeger! The Traeger pellet grill works similar to an oven by cooking at precise temperatures swirling heat and smoke around your food to lock in the flavor and moisture. The secret sauce to the Traeger grill is in the wood pellets. Gas and charcoal cannot give your food the natural wood smoked flavors that come from this pellet grill. If flavor is the key deciding factor for you as to which is the best grill in 2020 for you to buy, look no further than the Traeger!  According to HomCo Grill Expert, Lloyd Peterson, “I believe the flavor that you get from Trager grills is much better than gas. I recently upgraded to the Ironwood 885 and I love it.”

Best Budget-Friendly Grill: Weber – The Weber grill has a reputation of being long lasting, heavy-duty, and reliable, but also budget friendly. Weber grills frequently rank as some of the best gas grills every year and 2020 was no exception. Weber also makes high quality charcoal grills, which always tend to be less expensive than the other types of grills on the market. If a small size or portability is important for you Weber makes the Weber Q 1000, a single burner portable gas grill that is perfect for college students, apartment living, or camping. If your budget is tight, the best grill for you in 2020 is the Weber!

Best for the Beginner Griller: Traeger Grills – According to our grill experts, Traeger grills are, in general, the best brand of grill if you are a beginner griller. They are very forgiving and versatile as you can grill or smoke pretty much anything with them. All kinds of meats, vegetables, pizzas, pies – you name it, your Traeger is ready to help you create a culinary masterpiece! We asked our HomCo Grill Expert, Lloyd Peterson about Traeger Grills for beginners and this is what he had to say: “I’m a big fan of the Traeger grills. They are very forgiving and you can grill or smoke most anything with them. For a beginner, the Pro is a great grill. They have Bluetooth so you can log in on your phone and check temperatures etc.” Amazing technology for a grill!

Most Versatile Grill: Oklahoma JoeOklahoma Joe is a jack of all trades type of grill. Their pellet smoker combo grills have evolved over decades of grilling and smoking to offer maximum versatility. The Rider DLX model, for example, has a “smoke mode” where it cooks food slow and steady at a low temperature. This model also has a “sear setting” where you can spike the temperature quickly to over 650 degrees. Depending on the cut of meat you are grilling, you are likely to want and need both slow smoking and fast searing. If you are looking to become a grill and smoking master this summer, we cannot recommend the Oklahoma Joe enough!

HomCo Expert’s Favorite: Traeger Grills – Traeger Grills wins again! We asked our HomCo Grill Expert, Lloyd Peterson and he said again that Traeger Grills are hands down the best quality grill out there for an Expert Grill Master! As an Expert Grill Master himself, Lloyd has a Traeger grill, the Ironwood 885 to be exact, and he loves it! We asked him to share why and here is what he had to say: “More grilling surface, super smoke option, insulated sides and much more. Having a Traeger has changed the way we cook.”

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Our HomCo Summer Grill Guide was designed with you in mind! As your local grilling headquarters, we want you armed with all the knowledge about grill types and brands so you can intelligently decide which to buy. If you are still wondering what is the best BBQ grill for you, we would be happy to answer any questions you have about the wide variety of grills and grill smoker combos we have at HomCo! The time to fire up the grill is now, so do not miss out on a summer of grilling. We have a large inventory of different grill brands for sale and all the grill accessories you need to make all your outdoor barbequing dreams come true.

At HomCo, our team of knowledgeable associates is on hand and ready to help! Call or stop by our store and see why our Flagstaff community trusts us to meet all their outdoor grilling needs!