Why does HomCo’s Have a Ladies Night?

HomCo hosts a Ladies Night every year to celebrate women for all they do and to help Sharon Manor raise money to help survivors of Domestic Violence. This year on November 7th, HomCo’s Ladies Night will be focused on empowering women. Yes, this is an event for the ladies and is free to all women unless you want to buy a VIP ticket. This event will bring out the rugged woman in you with activities like a smash room, axe throwing, a stencil workshop by Broad & Brush, a cooking demo by Satchmo’s and demonstrations on different products we sell in the store. We want to focus on empowering women in their own lives, in our Flagstaff community, and in society at large. By joining with Sharon Manor, HomCo is hoping to provide awareness, access, and opportunities to women without limitations.


The Top Ten Things That Make HomCo’s Ladies Night So Special

We are hoping that this Ladies Night will be our best yet. We want the women in our community to feel empowered because they are important part of our community. Here are the top ten things that make this HomCo’s Ladies Night so special.


1) 20% Off All Store Items (Excluding Festool)

The owner of HomCo, Mike Brackin, is proud to offer a 20 % discount to all women for most store items’ so Ladies, get your Christmas lists ready and do all your holiday shopping on November 7th to get the best deals at HomCo.


2) Free to All Women (VIP Tickets are Available for $60)

Ladies Night is free to all women but if you would like to get in early and get a little extra, then you can buy a VIP ticket for $60.  The VIP ticket gets you into the event at 4:30, a free coat check, free entry into the smash room and axe room ($10 value), 12-by-12 Board & Brush stencil project with a 15% gift card to Board & Brush ($40 value), four raffle tickets ($20 value), dedicated seating area with food and wine, Hoo-rag headband, and access to the facial and massage area. There are only 200 VIP tickets available and you can start purchasing them at HomCo on October 19th, so come and get your VIP tickets before they are gone.


3) Smash Room

HomCo is excited to ditch the fashion show and swap it with a smash room, which will allow women to have a fun way to relieve stress and show off their power. A smash room is a place where one can express themselves by destroying objects within a room. Many therapies say that smash rooms are a great way to make people feel better about themselves and empowered. The smash room will be set up with breakable items for women to smash for a few minutes at a time. Women can relieve stress or just have fun by breaking items within this room. You can throw items or just smash them with tools or sledgehammers. The smash room will cost $5 for two minutes and is a fun way to donate to Sharon Manor.


4) Axe Throwing

The Axe throwing room will be put on by the Lady Lumber Jacks. Axe throwing is a great way for women to have a fun time and see just how powerful they are. Everyone can throw an axe and once you do it, you will see how strong and powerful you can be. Read this article about how Axe Throwing led to mental health awareness.


5) Free Food and Cooking Demonstration by Satchmo’s

We are very excited that Satchmo’s was willing to do cooking demonstrations and will be providing food throughout the night. Satchmo’s had been voted Flagstaff’s Best BBQ Place in town and has great Cajun and Barbeque dishes with great service. HomCo is also excited that Sugar Mama has donated dessert and coffee is donated by KickStand Kafe. HomCo is so thankful for the support of these local businesses that are helping to support this event.


6) Free Stencil Project by Board to Brush

Board & Brush is providing all general public women that attend Ladies Night a 6-inch by 24-inch stencil project and a $10 off coupon and the VIP ticket holder will get a 12-inch by 12-inch stencil project plus a $15 off coupon. Broad & Brush is a creative studio where you can go and do hands-on wood sign designs to bring out your inner DIY design skills. Bring your creativity, they will help you build a wooden sign from scratch that is worthy for your wall. At HomCo’s Ladies Night and at Board & Brush, you will have a creative experience that you will not forget.


7) Free Wine

Many free items will be provided through the event. Hensley will be providing free wine while supplies last. Summit Gym will be providing a free server to help serve the wine and food. Along with the free food from Satchmo’s and Sugar Mama, there will be free coffee by KickStand Kafe. There are many more free items at Ladies Nights, but you will just have to come to see what those items are.


8) A Gift with a Purchase

With every purchase, HomCo will give out small gifts like Stihl pink sunglasses, pepper spray keychain, and a Hoo-Rag headband, just to show our gratitude to you ladies.


9) Demonstrations on Different Products Sold in the Store

There will be many different demonstrations to watch during HomCo’s 2019 Ladies Night. Rustoleum will provide a Christmas ornament craft demonstration and a how-to on making a weathered wood picture frame. Simpson Strong-Tie will be demonstrating how to make a wooden bench. There will also be Tool demonstrations from Milwaukee and Makita showcasing their respective tool lines. Additionally, Delaney Smartlock Video Surveillance will be demonstrating how their product works so you can protect your house and family. These demonstrations are something that you do not want to miss, so come to our Ladies Night.


10) Proceeds go to Sharon Manor for Domestic Violence Prevention

The main reason HomCo hosts this event is to provide support and funding to the Sharon Manor Foundation. Sharon Manor is a nonprofit organization and supports survivors of domestic violence. Sharon Manor combines safe, decent and affordable housing with critical one-to-one support to help families impacted by domestic violence to take life-changing steps toward self-reliance. Sharon Manor also has a children program that is vital to the children that are impacted by domestic violence. Children in the program meet weekly and learn about effective communication, anger management, and appropriate behavior. The Sharon Manor Foundation relies on the support of generous donors and HomCo is proud to be one of them.

One way that HomCo ensures that Sharon Manor gets substantial money for their efforts is with a raffle that is $5 a ticket for various prizes. The raffle tickets will be on sale starting Oct 19th at HomCo. Some of the items that are on the raffle this year are:

HomCo is still working on confirming more raffle items, so when you come into HomCo check to see if there have been any more items that have been added.

HomCo is dedicated to giving back to our community and supporting local organizations and Sharon Manor is just one of them. HomCo started Ladies Night in 2011 and gave the proceeds to the local community, and in 2013, Ladies Night got so big that HomCo decided to dedicate to give the proceeds to support Sharon Manor Foundation. In 2017, HomCo raised a decent amount of $15,000 during Ladies Night, and over the last five years, HomCo has given the Sharon Manor Foundation a total sum of $64,480 to help survivors of Domestic Violence here in Flagstaff.  This year, we are hoping to raise more money than 2017’s record of raised funds, so we encourage you to please come to Ladies Night and help support Sharon Manor Foundation.


Final Words

There will be many different activities, demonstrations, and displays during HomCo’s 2019 Ladies Night. Every week, HomCo staff come together and plan Ladies Night to make it the best that it has ever been.  We are still working out some of the details so there may be more than what has been stated coming to this event and what we talked about here is just what HomCo has confirmed. HomCo is dedicated to giving back to the community and supporting local organizations and is proud that Ladies Night is just one event that we can offer to women in our community while helping survivors of Domestic Violence, so mark your calendars and plan on coming HomCo’s 2019 Ladies Night and support victims of sexual violence while empowering women.