Now that the spring season is kicking into full force and summer is right around the corner, it may be time to think about the sorts of creatures that will be joining you in the coming months. Some are welcome, like the deer and elk that stand in parks during the early morning hours, while others may be a bit less desirable. Before your dog gets skunked and you’re running to the grocery store for tomato products, come by HomCo Lumber and Hardware for animal repellents and other pest control necessities. Avoid the mess of ants infiltrating your kitchens and dogs smelling like acrid fumes. Not only do we have this post outlining some of the pest control products we carry, but we also have an attached video where Cecy from Lawn and Garden walks us through the average, and above average, pest control products.

Types of Pest Control:

Animal Traps & Repellents

HomCo Lumber and Hardware carries a wide array of products that either repel animals, for the animals that are pestering your yard or driveway, or products that will get rid of them entirely if they’ve infected your home. All of the animal-prevention products are located in the Lawn and Garden section, so if you see anything either in the video or in this post that you’re interested in, head right on over, and an associate will be more than happy to help you get what you need to protect your home.

There are three main types of animal-prevention items that we carry at HomCo Lumber and Hardware: traps, poisons, and repellants. Each has a different use that we’ve broken down here in the blog.

Animal Traps:

There are two main types of traps for pest control that we carry here at HomCo: lethal traps and non-lethal traps. The lethal traps will kill the animal that gets caught and is a bit smaller as a result. The non-lethal traps capture the animal in an enclosure so that they can be released at least three miles away from the house. There are a variety of lethal traps for purchase, like the typical wooden mouse traps for example. We also have mole and vole traps that you will place in the yard to protect your lawn and gardens. Some of the mouse traps are also reusable, as Cecy points out. They may be a bit more expensive, but if you have a continuing rodent problem, it is a worthy investment. HomCo also sells bait to go along with the traps.

The non-lethal traps that we carry here are a bit more expensive, but if you are concerned about the animal you are trying to catch, this is the way to go. There are two main types of trappers: small indoor traps for catching mice and rats, and larger cage traps for outside. They can be prepped with a wide variety of baits. The sizes range from mouse to armadillo size, and the usage instructions come with the cage.


Poisons are similar to lethal traps, in that you leave them out to catch the animal while you are away. However, they can be a bit trickier to work with, especially if you have pets around that may accidentally ingest the poison. If you do have pets, going with the traps may be a better way to go. If you are still bent on using poison, there are luckily a few types of poison that work specifically on mice and rats, as Cecy mentions in the video. If you have no pets to worry about, you can look around at the other poisons that HomCo Lumber and Hardware carries. We carry types for mice and rats and types for moles and other yard creatures.


HomCo carries two main types of pest repellants. There are the granule types that you sprinkle out into your yard, and there are the repellant sprays. HomCo carries a wider variety of sprays, and they will serve different types of animals. The majority will be wildlife repellent, but we also carry dog and cat repellent if you want to keep housepets from clamoring into your yard. Note that your own pet will likely not take well to the repellant, so if they are an indoor-outdoor pet, don’t spray it where they wander.

Another sort of repellant that HomCo carries is the sonic sound repellents for mice and other small animals. We carry indoor ones that you can plug into your sockets, and some for outside with a stronger sonic sound wave.

Bug Control Traps & Repellents

Unlike products geared towards animals, there is not as much variety when it comes to bug control. The main pest killer when it comes to bugs is chemicals. HomCo carries various sprays that treat the specific bug you wish to eradicate. They can also be used to proof the house to prevent bugs from entering after the fact. We also carry glue traps for specific bugs, like bed bugs and flies. The last sort of pest control for bugs that HomCo carries is the traps. We carry hornet, wasp, and yellow jacket traps, and we also carry fly traps. The traps are similar, and each has instructions on how to set them up. I have experience with the fly traps, and I can vouch for their effectiveness, but I would also suggest putting them up in an area that you don’t frequent as much. The traps will lure bugs to the location, so hang them away from doors so the bugs don’t accidentally go inside.

HomCo also carries bug repellents. There are mosquito repellents that burn to release smoke, and there are also bug foggers that repel bugs away. Whichever pest control you decide to go with, come to HomCo Lumber and Hardware and pick up your product today.

Shop Pest Control at HomCo Lumber & Hardware

With spring and summer coming quickly, it’s never too soon to think about how you’ll best prepare your home for the pests and critters of the season. Even if you’ve already got problems, we can help you out. HomCo Lumber and Hardware is your one-stop-shop for all things pest control. If you have a pest problem or want to protect your house for the future warm weather, head on over to our Lawn and Garden section. Our associates will be more than happy to help you select the product that will serve you best. Hopefully, this blog and the video have helped you decide which product is best for your house and your lifestyle. Head on by HomCo Lumber and Hardware and start protecting your home today.