Your home says a lot about you and your personality. That’s why in HomCo’s paint department we recommend you contemplate the different colors, sheens, accent walls, and everything in between before choosing a paint brand and color. Paint chimps and color sample squares are scattered across your walls. You finally make your decision and then you have an array of paint brands to choose from. Every different store has their own brand of paint that they promote and they believe in. Is there really a difference between brands? What brand works better? Who do you chose to use? It’s just another step in the decision making process where you have to weigh out the pros and cons.

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For this comparison, I looked at store “A” that carries the Behr line of paint and store “B” who carries the Dunn-Edwards line. I will compare price, quality, ease of application, odor, and final product. I am comparing Behr Premium Plus Ultra line with the Dunn-Edwards Everest Ultra Premium line. Both were interior, eggshell, deep bases.

I started out by going to store A and picking out a deep rusty red color. As far as noting the customer service, I stood at the paint counter for a good 10 minutes before anyone paid attention that I needed something. From there it was pretty bland. They mixed my color and sent me on my way. Next, I went to store B and had them color-match the rusty red color from store A. Since store B is my store, I can’t comment on the customer service. However, I will say that their attention to detail paid off, because they matched the color perfectly.Paint HomCo Flagstaff

I primed a spare piece of wood with Dunn-Edwards Ultra-Grip, Multi-Surface Primer. I applied the first coat let it dry for an hour and applied a second coat. This was an important step, because it made sure the paint wouldn’t soak into the wood giving inaccurate results.  I just used a foam brush to apply to paint. I should have used a small roller instead, because they foam brush left streaks on the edges with both brands. This wouldn’t have happened by using a roller.

As far as application, the Behr paint was much thicker and harder to apply. It was comparable to a paste consistency, which lead to going back over the paint multiple times in order to get a smooth, even coat. The Dunn-Edwards was much easier to apply and went on smoother with less clumps. The main difference when applying the different paint brands was the odor. While painting with Behr the odor was very strong and unpleasant. I was only painting a small section in a big room, and other people would walk into the office and ask what that smell was. While using Dunn-Edwards the odor was barely noticeable. This is something that I find very important especially when you’re painting entire rooms on the interior of your home. You don’t want to have that odor surrounding you and filling your homes.

HomCo Flagstaff Paint I applied two coats of paint with an hour between each one. The Dunn-Edwards side took a little bit longer to be completely dry, but not by very much. After I let the second coat dry I looked at the final comparison. Both brands covered completely. When I rubbed my hands over each side you could feel a difference. On the Behr side you could still feel the wood grain. The Dunn-Edwards side was smoother and overall had a better coverage.  It felt as though the Dunn-Edwards side had a thicker coat, even though both sides were applied with two.

Lastly, sometimes one of the most important factors when shopping is price. Store “A” sells Behr Premium Plus Ultra for $32.98 a gallon. Store “B” sells Dunn-Edwards Everest Ultra Premium for $30.99. Both colors came out rich in color and had good coverage.

With all the different brands and options that are out there, there is always going to be a range of decisions to make. Overall, I thought that the Dunn-Edwards paint went on easier, had less of an odor, looked better overall, and it costs a few dollars less. What paint brands do you love? Which ones do you hate? We want to know!

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