August marks the start of the new school year and it is time to get the kids back to school. Whether your student is eager to go back, dreading the fact, or whatever the feeling, it is good to help them to achieve the best they can this year. Here at HomCo, we have many employees that are students in schools around Flagstaff such as Northern Arizona University, Coconino Community College, Flagstaff High School and Coconino High School. We asked them what their key tips are for being successful within school and these are their responses:


Emileigh Monteleone, Elementary Education Major at Northern Arizona University

Emily helps coordinate our Young Builders program every month and is a great asset at HomCo. Her tip pertains to staying organized in school and she states, “Get or make some sort of planner, or whatever works for you. I use a plain, small notebook and write down what needs to be done weekly, but sometimes an actual calendar agenda works better for others. I would just know exactly what things are due/need to be done!”

They also say making or customizing your own planner will reflect your personal style and will allow you to customize your common tasks, helping you see what needs to be done. Making a personal planner is a great DIY project and will help your student stay organized. Learn how to make your own personal planner.

Using a planner will help you stay organized, especially if you’re balancing work and school!


Jade Gibson, Senior at Flagstaff High School

Jade works at the Service Counter or in the Carhartt Department at HomCo. She had been with us for a year working after school, summer and the weekends. You may find her on Saturdays running the yard booth. Jade’s tip to being successful is to color coordinate everything. She states, “it helps you to keep everything organized and easily keep track of stuff.”

However, if you decide to start color-coding, you need to put a system into place. Give each subject a color and a bin or a place that has that color on it. You can always get each color in spray paint and paint the bins the color you need, but when color-coding your classes, each color should be unique from the other colors and should be used for one purpose. Learn how to stay organized with color-coding.

Color-coding can help you keep your classes organized!


Matt Westling, Business Management Major at Northern Arizona University

Matt mainly works at the Service Counter and helps wherever we need him. In his tip, he states, “Going into the new school year, I like to set goals for what I would like to accomplish during the year. If you head into the year with a strong mindset, you will be able to thrive and get the most out of it. Just remember anything is possible and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to!”

It is important for your student to set goals. To achieve this, first, help them reflect on what they want to achieve. Reflection can focus the mind. Help them find and plan the way to complete their goal. Then, help them work through the process of obtaining the goal. Celebrate when they achieve the goal and do this all over again, so let them dream, learn, work, win, and repeat.

Setting a goal at the beginning of the school year can help you stay focused on success!


Jordyn SteinerLund, History & Sociology Dual Major at Northern Arizona University

Jordyn works mostly at the Service Counter and Carhartt, but also helps with Young Builders and is the happiest and most helpful person you will ever meet. For Jordyn’s tip, she says, “When going back to school, I always prioritize organization the first week. I fill out my calendar based on my syllabi and organize my binders to match. Cleaning my apartment and room also makes the process of going back to school easy.”

Helping students start the school year off with a clean and organized room is key in helping your student stay on track and organized through the school year. Also, you must go through their room again during winter break, for a similar effect in the spring semester. At HomCo, we sell cleaning supplies and organizational tools to help students keep their spaces clean!

Keeping your workspace clean can help keep you focused throughout the semester!


Kylee F., Exercise Science Major at Northern Arizona University

Kylee helps in many departments, but you mostly will find her in Service Counter or Carhartt. She is always very dependable. Kylee states, “If you take notes, try buying fun colors of pens and highlighters! Color-coding and writing in different colors for different things helps me keep track of what I need to remember. Also, keep your handwriting nice while taking notes because it makes it easier to read. Take sticky notes that say things like “ON TEST” and “STUDY”. I found these to be very helpful as well. Oh and NEVER forget your coffee and creamer.”

Again, color-coding is a great way of helping your student stay on track. You can buy highlighters and stick notes to make it simple when getting your student organized. Additionally, it has been proven that smells are directly linked to your memory, so using scented pens or highlight maybe a great way to help your students do better in school. Here is a study on it:

Using colorful or scented pens while taking notes can help when you’re studying them later!

HomCo values all of our student employees and these were just a few of the recommendations from some of them. What we can glean for all these tips is that staying organized is the key for helping your student get on track and be more successful. There are many DIY projects that you can do to help you and your student get organized. For example, you can redo your entryway, so they have a place to put their stuff when they get home. Maybe organize the bathrooms so they spend less time in the morning getting ready or organize the kitchen/snack area.

Whatever the project you take on, HomCo can help you with any of your DIY project needs. Finally, HomCo wants to thank all of our student employees, for the dedication, devotion, integrity, and knowledge that they bring to HomCo and to the customers that support HomCo. HomCo will always values them and their journey into education.


THANK YOU! – From HomCo