Free Axe Throwing Room Hosted by Lady Lumber Jacks of NAU out of Flagstaff, AZ

During Ladies Night along with the smash rooms, we will have an axe throwing room hosted by the Lady Lumber Jacks from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Axe throwing is free to all the women and each woman will get six axes to throw at a target during their session. Axe throwing is a great way for women to have a fun time. Once you master the simple basics, you will experience a confidence boost like no other, making this activity one of the coolest ways to learn more about yourself. Everyone can throw an axe and once you do it, you will see how strong and powerful you really are. 

There are a number of axe throwing tips that will help you throw an axe correctly. We have included step-by-step directions and YouTube videos. This way you will be ready to release the power inside you and show off to your friends during Ladies Night.


Step 01:  Place both hands on the axe. With one hand, grip the axe at the bottom of its handle. Fold your other hand over the one holding the axe and grip it firm like you’re holding a baseball bat.

Step 02: Line up your shot. Bring the axe back, over your head, like the motion of throwing a soccer ball over your head. Lean back and make sure the blade is perfectly straight. Take your starting position with one foot behind the line.

Step 03:  Bring the axe forward, in one smooth motion, step forward while lifting the axe above your head and throwing it. The movement must be fluid and you should follow through, i.e. keep your arms and body moving in the same direction after releasing the axe, while at the same time keeping your eyes on the spot that you’re trying to hit.  Therefore, in a fast motion and release with your arms extended forward.


Step 01:  Visualize your target. Put one foot forward. Swing your arm down, to the side.

Step 02:  When the axe passes your leg, bring it up quickly.

Step 03:  When the axe is over your head, bring it forward like throwing a ball.

Step 04: When your arm is parallel to the ground, release the axe. To ensure proper release, let your arm follow through.

How to Throw an Axe with World Axe Throwing League Competitor | GRATEFUL

Here is a great video that Doug Curry with HomCo sent in so that you can be the best at axe throwing during Ladies Night.    

The best reasons for learning how to throw an axe at Ladies Night is for the memories, friendship, and your confidence.  HomCo is hoping you will create lasting bonds, form new connections, and memories that can stay with you for a lifetime, so come to HomCo on November 7th at 6pm to enjoy all the events at Ladies Night has to offer and help raise money for the Sharon Manor Foundation.  If you want more information about Ladies Night, see the Ladies Night Blog.