This month, we asked HomCo’s STIHL expert, Dustin Queen, about STIHL! Check out his answers to the most frequently asked questions we get about this incredible tool brand:

How do you pronounce STIHL and where are STIHL products made?

What STIHL Trimmer should I buy?

What is the difference between a 2 cycle and 4 cycle STIHL trimmer?

What are the advantages of a STIHL 4-MIX engine?

How do I change my STIHL trimmer line?

How do you remove a STIHL trimmer head?

What tool should I use to trim my hedges?

Which STIHL chainsaw should I buy?

How do I start my new STIHL chainsaw and how do I use it?

If my STIHL chainsaw is dull, can I get it sharpened or get a new chain?

Should I get a battery or gas powered blower?

Will a battery powered blower die before I finish my yard?

If you have any more questions about STIHL, visit HomCo to speak with an expert or call us at 928-779-6111! Or, visit one of our other STIHL blogs to learn more about this incredible brand!