Ariens Snow Throwers in Flagstaff, AZ

Winter is upon us and fortunately or unfortunately, depending on who you are, it is time to start thinking about the coming snow. The Farmer Almanac states that it is wise to be prepared for below normal winter temperatures in the southwest, so it is time to be prepared and have a plan about how you are going to deal with all the snow that is coming this winter. HomCo has a great selection of snow shovels from flat shovels and shovel/pushers to plastic and metal blade shovels, but if shoveling is not your ideal method of getting rid of snow, then HomCo has you covered with Ariens Snow Blowers.

Ariens is a company we here at HomCo are proud to sell. Starting with just four employees in Brillion, Wisconsin, this family-owned company is now a major player in lawn and snow machines with over 1,500 employees across the United States, Norway and the United Kingdom. Since winter is the topic at hand, it is a good time to tell you what Ariens Snow Blowers we offer to get you prepared for the chilly winter ahead.

About Ariens Snow Throwers

Ariens has been called the “King of Snow”, and it is a title they have earned producing over four million snow blowers since the 1960s and becoming the number one selling brand of two-stage snow blowers in the world. These two-stage snow blowers are exactly what we sell here at HomCo. 

Now, there are many different types of snow blowers and there is often confusion between single-stage snow blowers and two-stage snow blowers. The differences between these two types of snow blowers results in differences in size, quality, capabilities, and procedure on processing captured snow. 

A typical single-stage snow blower only throws the snow it collects once when an auger, which is a tool in a helical shape used for drilling, pick up the snow and tossed it out the chute. They are lighter, smaller, and the easiest to handle out of the two, making it perfect for suburban areas. However, these snow blowers are NOT meant to be used on gravel because when used on gravel, it will pick up pieces of the gravel and throw it along with the snow, which could cause major injury and damage. Also, the amount of snow that this snow blower can handle is limited, handling snowfalls up to twelve inches.

Two-stage snow blowers tend to outperform single-stage snow blowers in every field. They can handle eighteen inches or more of snow. The two-stage hardy design allows for clearing large, deep, and heavy expanses of snow in a breeze, but there is also a major design difference between the single-stage and the double stage snow blowers and that is how many times snow is thrown. In a two-stage snow blower, the snow is thrown twice. It gets collected by an auger and then a high-speed impeller takes the snow and throws it through a discharge chute to keep the snow moving and prevent clogging of the intake bucket. Furthermore, the auger on a typical two-stage snow blower does not touch the ground allowing this machine to be used on gravel without the fear of gravel causing harm. This is why HomCo sells two-stage snow blowers over single-stage. For more information on these two types of snow blowers, please visit the following websites:

Two-stage Ariens Snow Throwers in Flagstaff, Arizona

HomCo has all types of two-stage Ariens snow blowers. From the professional to the homeowner, there is a two-stage snow blower for you. Here are some of the snow blowers that Ariens offers:

  • The Professional Series, which is the top of the line blower for commercial and heavy residential use, has a massive 23.5-inch housing height with a 16-inch auger diameter, and a 420cc engine. The blower also comes in choices of 28-inch to 36-inch clearing with.  This allows the Professional Series to clear deep snow with relative ease. 
  • Platinum Series is fully loaded with both power and convenient features. The Platinum Series includes heated handgrips, super high output impeller, auto turn steering technology and premium Ariens engine options. It has the housing height of 21 inches and the choices of 24-inch, 28-inch and 30-inch clearing widths. 
  • Deluxe Series is just a pure machine with straight forward power and performance. The Deluxe Series comes with large impeller and auto-turn steering technology with big grippy tires. The housing height is 21 inches and comes in 24-inch, 28-inch and 30-inch clearing widths. 
  • Classic Series which is a dependable, simple, durable, powerful and affordable snow blower coming in a 24-inch clearing width. This series engineered smarter with a top-loaded aluminum gear case to prevent oil leakage and a serrated steel auger forcutting through snow with ease. 

Buy an Ariens Snow Blower here at HomCo in Flagstaff

The best reason to buy an Ariens here at HomCo is that every Ariens you buy at HomCo is started and run by one of our technicians to make sure it is fully operational when you need to use it. We will also walk through how to use the snow thrower to ensure you are operating it correctly. Additionally, every Ariens you buy at HomCo comes with a three-year warranty, a full tank of gas, and if you live in the city limits of Flagstaff, Arizona the delivery is free for your newly purchase snow blower.

Ariens Snow Blowers

HomCo is a full-service Ariens dealer, so we not only sell the products, but we service all Ariens products, so if you have an Ariens product and it is not running correctly or you just have questions about your unit, please come down to HomCo and talk to our Ariens technicians.   HomCo offers a full tune-up service on Ariens snow blowers for $99.99 which includes a spark plug and oil change, a check and top off of the gear box, a check and refill of tires, greasing and oiling of any moving parts as necessary, and overall inspection of the snow blower. You can come to HomCo and arrange a pick up on your the unit and delivery back for a $45 fee.  

HomCo is you one-stop shop for all your Ariens and winter needs and we will make sure you are getting the best quality products with the best customer service, so please come visit us for your winter needs.