One popular sport that both Flagstaff natives and our team at HomCo adore is Disc Golf. Flagstaff locals love this activity so much that there are five local courses in the Flagstaff area. Flagstaff even has its own Disc Golf club called Flagstaff Disc Golf Club.


and why is it so popular in Flagstaff?

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association or the PDGA, Disc Golf plays very much like golf and shares the objective of completing each hole in the fewest strokes, or in this case the fewest throws. The balls and clubs are replaced by a flying disc or a Frisbee®, and the holes are replaced with a target which can be several things, but the most common target is an elevated metal basket.

To start off, a golf disc is from a tee area to a target. As players progress down a fairway, they must make each throw from the spot where the previous throw landed. While throwing the disc, the player must try and avoid obstacles like trees, shrubs, and terrain, much like golf.

Even though Disc Golf and Golf are similar sports, they do have their differences. Disc Golf is usually a free activity in public parks, although, pay-to-play courses are becoming more popular. Unlike Golf, Disc Golf is designed to be played by everyone. Plus, you only have to carry around discs instead of a bag full of clubs. For more information about Disc Golf, visit the PDGA website:


Want to start playing? Well, let’s start talking about the equipment you need. HomCo sells the Dynamic Discs line of products, which range from discs and baskets to bags and apparel. Dynamic Discs started in 2005 as a college hobby selling relevant brands in Disc Golf. In 2012, Dynamic Discs partnered with a Swedish disc golf manufacturer, Latitude 64, to produce the highest quality discs. Now, they are a full-scale disc manufacturer striving to achieve customer satisfaction and quality products.

Much like golf, different discs have different purposes. Dynamic Discs sells four types of discs:

Distance Drivers:

Distance drivers are the discs meant to travel far distances. They typically have wider rims and sharper noses but aren’t the best for newer players.

Fairway Drivers:

Fairway drivers have smaller rims than distance drivers. This is a good choice for both experienced and inexperienced players because they fly in tighter lines, have fewer skips at the end of a shot, and overall have better control.


Now, if you are looking for the best beginner disc, it would be the midranges because they are the most comfortable to newcomers due to the smaller rims and deeper inner rims. The flight path is very straight and easy to control.


These discs are meant for short-range shots on straighter lines. They are made to shoot for baskets and throwing short distances.


In addition to disc type, there are also flight numbers to consider when selecting the perfect disc. Although the flight number is an estimate, this number is used to give the player a general idea of the characteristics of the flight. These characteristics are speed, glide, turn, and fade.


Speed is the maximum distance and rim width of a disc.


Glide is the ability for the disc to stay airborne.

Turn & Fade:

Turn and fade refer to the side-to-side movement. The turn is how far to the right the disc tends to go in flight and fade is how far to the left the disc tends to go in flight.

What more information about the flight path? Follow this chart to pick your ideal disc.

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As mentioned before, Dynamic Discs does not only sell discs, they also sell bags and apparel.

Disc Golf Bags:

The bags that Dynamic Disc sells are tailored to be the ultimate Disc Golf bag. Holding multiple discs, their bags will make your disc golfing trip so much better. To find a bag that matches your needs and style, visit

Disc Golf Apparel:

The apparel that Dynamic Discs sells consist of tees, outerwear, hats, and much more. With a variety of style to choose from, it easy to find the perfect attire for you and your loved ones. To see the full line of Dynamics Disc’s apparel, visit

Disc Golf is a fun and unique way to spend time outdoors and is a great way to hang out with your friends or engage socially and connect with others. It is also inexpensive and most courses are free to the public. This sport is very relaxing and can help anyone become physically healthier as you play through a course. Various people say that Disc Golf is an awesome sport with a community that stands out from almost every other activity out there.

Visit HomCo to speak with a disc golf expert (and fellow player) if you’re ready to get started or contact us with questions! HomCo is here to help you with all your Disc Golf needs.