How to Build a Raised Garden Bed with Wood

Now’s the perfect time to build a raised garden bed for your yard! This DIY for beginners project is super family-friendly and fast. We have two DIY ideas for you, the Stratco Elevated Garden Bed and Bloom Instabrace. The Stratco Elevated Garden Bed contains the wood and frame, you’ll just need a hammer. The Bloom Instabrace contains 4 decorative braces that will hold your wood in place. You will need the supplies listed below for this featured Raised Garden Bed project and can find them all at HomCo!

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How to Create Mason Jar Disinfecting Wipes

If you haven’t had a chance to stock up on antibacterial wipes in time and are on a hunt for disinfecting wipes, let us assure you it is very simple to create mason jar disinfecting wipes yourself. Our Training Coordinator, Cathleen Goff, walks you through how to DIY disinfecting wipes.

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How to Install a Bidet

As toilet paper is becoming a rare find during these uncertain times of the coronavirus, many of you may be searching for alternatives to clean your delicate areas after using the bathroom. Our answer: Install a bidet. It’s beneficial for your hygiene and environmentally friendly. We’ll show you how to install a bidet with items from your local hardware store.

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