STIHL Chainsaw 101: Maintenance & Repair

The STIHL chainsaw is one of the best home power tools on the market. Don’t pay a landscaping company or tree trimming/removal company when you can easily and efficiently DIY. A STIHL chainsaw is worth the investment and can be used for a wide variety of home projects. It will significantly diminish the time (and money) you will spend on pruning, felling, limbing, bucking.

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How to Make a Key Hanger

If your junk drawer is anything like ours, you probably have a bunch of unused keys floating around in there. You’re not sure what they open but you know you haven’t used them in years. Good news! We’ve got a great family-friend project today that lets you put those mystery keys to use! Ian from the HomCo plumbing department is going to show you how to make a key hanger with a shelf.

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How to Make a Hanging Frame

Looking for a unique way to display your favorite pictures? Simona from the Carhartt department at HomCo walks us through the steps to create this easy and fast string photo frame. You only need a few supplies and a little creativity! If you missed our HomTooling supply kits, we can still help get you the correct sized boards and twine so you can easily make you own. Give us a call and let us know what you need!

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How to Paint a Wall

Staring at your walls a little more than normal these days? Thinking they could use a fresh coat of paint? Maybe your kids are getting older and they have their own ideas about what color their walls should be. Painting is an easy and affordable way to dramatically change your space. Our experts are here to help by sharing the easiest way to paint a room!

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