One-Stop Shop for Carhartt Accessories in Flagstaff, Arizona

From boots to jackets, Carhartt serves your clothing needs, but what about accessories? Luckily for you, HomCo not only carries Carhartt apparel but also Carhartt accessories. We have a wide variety of accessories like backpacks, purses, bags, safety glasses, dog coats and bedding, socks and gloves. If Carhartt makes it, HomCo carries it, or at the very least, we can special order it for you.

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Gear up for Winter with Carhartt Boots

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” This old Norwegian phrase speaks the truth not only when it comes to your attire, but also when it comes to your footwear. If you have the wrong kind of work boots when the weather is cold and wet, then it can turn any day into a bad one. Here at HomCo, we understand that you need a great pair of work boots to ensure your day goes right, so we carry men’s and women’s Carhartt boots. These boots are not just for working, but for hiking, hunting, or just for a great look with great comfort.

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Christmas and Carhartt

Christmas is just right around the corner so why not get a gift for that special someone in your life? Carhartt brand of apparel such as hats, pants, beanies, shirts and jackets make great gifts for the holiday season. Carhart stated themselves that they have “gear that makes great gifts since 1889.” Since it has been colder than usual, a jacket could be the gift that keeps giving throughout the winter season by keeping the one you care about warm and dry. Carhartt’s warm and rugged winter outerwear is built to overpower the coldest weather conditions.

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Common Issues with Snow Blowers

This Thanksgiving break, Flagstaff was covered in two feet of snow with more on the way. You pull out your snow blower to clear the snow, but your snow blower is either not working or not running the best it could. In the last couple of days, we have had many customers stop by and ask the HomCo technicians how to get their snowblower up and running or just running right. HomCo reached out to Marc Braatz our lead Ariens Technician and asked him to give us some common problems and possible solutions with snow blowers to help our customers troubleshoot and fix their snow blowers.

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Snow Blower Features

The first snowstorm just recently hit Flagstaff. For the next five months, you will never know when you will wake up and look out at the driveway just to see it covered with snow. When this happens, you now have to clear the driveway to get out, and on top of that, you must get the kids ready, make breakfast, and get to work on time. Just when you thought it could not get worse, the snow plow has been through and has left you a nice pile of snow at the end of your driveway. There must be an easier way than having to shovel out all the snow. The answer to that problem may be to buy a snow blower.

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