Paint Department

HomCo Experts Are Here to Help With Your Next Paint Project

When it comes to paint, HomCo has you covered, we’ve got a full range of paints for interior and exterior purposes. Whether you’re doing touch-ups, repainting a nursery, or sealing wood or metal against the environment we’ve got the right selection and experts to help you find what you need.

Painting 101

While it might seem to be a common-sense process, painting is ruled by many masters that can have a large effect on the outcome: the surface, the pigment, the binder, the brush technique, drying times, and more. Check out our informative article that covers everything you need to know to do a successful painting project.

Interior painting supplies:

  • Paint rollers and handle.
  • Roller tray
  • Paint mixing sticks
  • Paint can opener
  • Drop cloths
  • Painter’s tape
  • An edging brush or trim brush (for corners and other hard to reach places)
  • Paint and primer, or paint+primer in one


Interior painting supplies:

  • Paint and primer
  • A primed, prepared and/or sanded surface, free of flaking, rust, or oil deposits.
  • High quality brushes
  • An aerosol paint sprayer (optional, but really speeds it up)
  • Painter’s tape, for trim and windows
  • Plastic covering for taping off windows, vents, and other areas
  • A ladder, scaffolding, or hydraulic lift



Your Local Dunn Edwards Paint Supplier


We supply Dunn Edwards paint, first and foremost, because it meets our high standards of quality, color, and coverage. In addition, Dunn Edwards paint prices are the best around when compared to similar products produced by other brands. Based in the southwest, they have some of the best customer service in the paint and finishes industry. And they have been in business for more than 90 years based on the simple ethos “Make the finest line of paint and give the best service at fair prices.”

Interior Paints and Primers


HomCo carries the whole range of Dunn Edwards interior paints and primers and our paint experts are here to help you choose the right paint for your application. So if you’re painting your apartment blue and gold to match the NAU colors, making a blackboard wall, or just touching up the scuffs on the baseboards, we’ve got answers.

Many times, our customers have brought in a cut-out from an interior design magazine, and we’ve assisted them in matching colors, sheen, and getting the tools they need. It may not be obvious when viewing wet paint and swatches, because sheen is one of the most overlooked areas of paint matching. For example, a pure white satin coating will not match the paint sheen of even a semi-gloss or eggshell coating. Even the painting tools matter, because a coating applied via brush will have a different look than one applied with a foam roller, and even foam rollers have a few different texture styles. When it comes to interior painting, we want to help you make your vision a reality. Come check out the paint department at HomCo today!

Exterior Paints and Primers


When it comes to exterior paint, there are many more factors to consider. Our paint department experts have years of experience in the field and in the show-room, so they know a thing or two about exterior paint.
Consider the surface, it is already painted or sealed? Is the paint flaking and if so, how has the flaked paint been addressed prior to repainting? What type of paint was used, is it latex, oil, or alkyd? What color are we covering, because some colors will require a more dense pigment, or otherwise more coats of paint.
There are so many different considerations, that we encourage you to bring in samples, inspirations, flakes of paint and other photos when consulting our paint department experts about exterior paint projects.

Start Painting

Get Started on Your Painting Project

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions HomCo receives about painting projects.

How long does paint take to dry?
Latex paints are dry to the touch within an hour and cure within a few days while oil and alkyd paints can remain wet to touch for days depending on the concentration and mixture of chemical driers.
Why does fresh paint smell?
Paint actually doesn’t dry, it cures, and during that process it creates a tight chemical bond with the surface. During the curing process the paint off-gasses and what you are smelling are the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released as the paint cures and forms it’s bond.

We carry no-VOC and low-VOC paints for those with sensitive noses in the family, or for applications that require people to be in the same room as the paint while it cures.

Do I need to prime my surface?
Many newer lines of paint have very dense pigment, high coverage, and bond well without preparation. These are typically the “Deluxe” lines or the Paint+Primer All-In-One paints. While these paints may not require a primer, the surface should still be clear of flakes and clean of oil spots or rust.

If in doubt, we recommend using a primer. Typically a primer helps paint cover better by supporting the primary paint color. Primer also helps the paint bond to the surface, giving your finish a longer life and more protection against flaking or contact damage.

We carry no-VOC and low-VOC paints for those with sensitive noses in the family, or for applications that require people to be in the same room as the paint while it cures.

I dripped paint on my wood floor, how do I get it off?
Well, now, this is why we always recommend using drop-cloths, and we know that sometimes it can’t be avoided. Thankfully a sealed wood floor is a hardy surface when it comes to cleaning paint. Latex paint can often be peeled or scraped off the floor with relative ease. Alkyd and oil paints take so long to dry that they can often be wiped off with a rag and some solvent even a full day after the drip took place. If you have any doubt, ask a paint expert at HomCo.
What’s the easiest way to paint a room?
Just want to know how to paint a room? Here’s your no-fail check-list for an easy painting project.

  1. Get high-coverage paint and primer in one.
  2. Get all the right tools:
    •  A foam roller, tray, and extension arm for the roller.
    •  A trim brush or edge brush
    •  Drop clothes to catch drips
    •  Painters tape for protecting edges
    •  Paint Tray
  3. When dipping your paint roller, always run the roller across the tray to evenly distribute paint on the roller. This allows the paint to be applied evenly and it prevents waste where paint is applied thicker than needed.
  4. Apply the paint with the roller in even up-down strokes that resemble overlapping Vs.
  5. Wait for the paint to be sufficiently dry before applying the next coating. For interior latex paints, this could be as short as an hour.
How much does it cost to paint a room?
That’s a tough question, because there are so many components involved. Our paint experts consider all of the following factors when assisting in choosing paints and finishes:

  • The surface to be painted and it’s preparation
  • The color to be painted and the color that it covers
  • When was the last layer painted
  • What type of paint was used
  • What is the skill level of the painter
  • Who will be using the room and interacting with the paint
Give us a call or come down to the paint department at HomCo to meet with one of our experience paint specialists.

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