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How Can HomCo Make Your Home’s Renovations Even Better?

When you need quality materials for your next home renovation or addition, look no further than HomCo Lumber & Hardware. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional contractor, at HomCo, you’ll find everything under one roof for every project under your roof. From our full-service lumberyard to our extensive plumbing, electrical, and hardware departments, HomCo is your one-stop-shop for home renovations of all sizes.

Our expansive inventory of building materials, tools, and supplies makes it easy to check off all the items on your to-do list. Have questions about your building project? We have the answers. You’ll find local experts in every department who are here to put their knowledge and experience to work for you and make your next project a success.

Select a category below to learn more about the essential kitchen, bathroom, home addition, and renovation tools, materials, and gear available at HomCo. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t sweat it! An expert is just a phone call away at
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Your Local Store For Home Renovations Supplies

Looking to renovate or remodel a room in your home? For projects big or small, HomCo is here to make it happen. Whether you’re building a deck, remodeling your kitchen, or giving your bathroom a facelift, our team is geared up and ready to make any project a success. 

Thinking of adding an addition to your home? It’s true: home additions can be a big undertaking. But with careful planning, expert guidance, and the right tools and materials, you can maximize your investment right along with your enjoyment of your new space. A well-designed addition can give more than just your square footage a boost–it can mean a boost for your home’s value, too. Whether you’re adding a family room to increase your living space, a bedroom to meet the needs of your growing family, or adding an in-law suite for mom and dad, you’ll find everything you need at HomCo Lumber & Hardware.

HomCo is Northern Arizona’s foremost supplier of first-rate lumber and building materials, and our 16-acre lumberyard makes it easy to find what you need, load it up, and get back to your jobsite or home. In our Building Materials Center, you’ll find the structural building products, hardware, and tools you need to take your project from start to finish. 

At HomCo Lumber & Hardware, you’ll find everything you need for your next home addition, renovation, or remodeling project, including: 

With our vast selection of products and professional advice from our team of experts, HomCo won’t just be your first stop for your next project—we’ll be your only stop.


Your Local Source For Kitchen Renovations Supplies

Remodeling or renovating your kitchen can seem intimidating. With so much of our daily lives dependent on the appliances in our kitchen, it can be overwhelming to consider what goes into a kitchen remodel. Luckily, the team at HomCo are experts in providing you with the tools, gear, and advice you need to remodel or renovate your kitchen properly.

Along with our great advice, we carry everything you need to renovate or remodel your kitchen including:

With HomCo, your kitchen remodeling or renovation project will go smoothly! Stop by HomCo today to speak with one of our kitchen experts!


Your Local Source For Bathroom Renovation Supplies

Renovating or remodeling your bathroom is a great way to improve day-to-day life in your home. Adding new cabinets and plumbing fixtures, re-tiling the floor, and updating the backsplash can all improve the overall look and feel of your bathroom. With help, advice, and materials from your local experts at HomCo, your bathroom renovation and remodeling project will be more manageable from start to finish.

We carry everything you need to renovate or remodel your bathroom, including:

Renovate and remodel your bathroom with ease! Stop in HomCo today to see our selection of bathroom products!


There are countless reasons you may want to remodel or renovate your home and just as many ways to go about it. Whether you want to modernize your floor plan, expand the living space for your growing family, or indulge in a newly renovated master suite, your home improvement plans can add to your enjoyment of your home while adding to its value. 

Interior renovation projects can refresh the look and feel of your home from floor to ceiling and can be as simple as repainting the walls, updating the light fixtures, or adding new trim and molding. Of course, there’s no need to limit your vision. With proper planning and expert execution, new cabinets for the kitchen, a bathroom remodel, and even room additions can be part of the plan to turn your almost-perfect house into the home of your dreams.  

Types of Home Renovations

Whole house restorations, renovations and remodels

Whole house projects may include renovations, which make repairs to and modernize your home without changing its structure, as well as remodeling, which changes the internal or external structures of the house. Many whole-house projects will include elements of both remodeling and restoration to achieve a homeowner’s vision. Whole-house restoration is often undertaken for historic homes or those in a state of disrepair, with the goal of restoring the house to its original state without altering its structure.

In-law suites 

In-law suites are akin to a small apartment that is attached to or on the same property as another home. Many opt to put in an in-law suite to allow parents to live with their adult children while maintaining separate living spaces. They may be built as house additions or by remodeling an existing area of the home.

Multi-generation home remodeling 

In addition to in-law suites, some families choose to open their homes to their parents or adult children by converting attics into additional living quarters or adding one or more additional master suites to their floor plans. 

Kitchen Renovations 

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s no wonder that so many homeowners put kitchen renovations at the top of their to-do list. Whether you opt to repaint and refinish your walls and cabinets in a weekend or replace the fixtures, finishes, and appliances from floor to ceiling, renovating your kitchen can breathe new life into your home. 

Home Office & Bedroom Renovations 

If your kids are out of college, but their rooms were designed when they were in diapers, it may be time to refresh or repurpose their bedrooms. Whether you’re thinking of converting an unused bedroom into a gym or office or want to update the dated style of your master suite, bedroom renovations can bring a fresh look and new uses to your space.   

Bathroom Renovations 

Renovating a bathroom can include anything from updating paint colors and hardware to replacing the floor and wall tiles, upgrading the tub and vanity, and swapping in new faucets, fixtures, and lighting.

Basement & Attic Renovations 

If your home has unfinished attic or basement space, you may be itching to find a better use for all that square footage. Rather than using these areas for storage, renovating your attic or basement can help you tick off one or more items on your wish-list. You might convert unused attic space into an extra bedroom, a playroom, or a home office. Meanwhile, a fully finished basement could give your room for a new laundry room, family room, or game room.  

Family Room Renovations

If your family room gathers dust while your family gathers elsewhere, it may be time for an update to make the space more appealing. Painting the walls and replacing old carpets or flooring could make the space more inviting, while installing new windows and window treatments can eliminate drafts and glares. 


When it comes to house additions, the sky is, literally, the limit.

Depending on your needs, you might be considering one of many options for your home addition: 

Second-story Additions

Second-story additions can add a whole other floor of living space, transforming a tiny starter home into one that has room for a growing family.


Attic dormers can increase your home’s square footage and enhance your home’s architectural appeal. 


Bumpouts are an appealing option to many homeowners looking to add to their home’s square footage but may not need an additional large room. They are a popular choice for adding closet space, laundry rooms, mudrooms, pantries, or even small seating areas or window seats.  

Garage additions

A garage addition can give your home a dedicated space for your car, provide storage space for your outdoor equipment and tools, or serve as a workspace for carpentry and other home improvement projects. If you have an existing garage, you might be considering a second story addition to provide you with more storage space, a home office, or even create an in-law suite.   

No matter what type of home addition you’re considering, it can be overwhelming to evaluate all your options and find the right professionals to get it done. Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, HomCo has all the tools, gear, and building supplies you need so you can focus on what matters and get the job done.