HomCo is Your One-Stop-Shop for Grilling

HomCo is your One-Stop-Shop for Grilling. No outdoor living space is complete without an outdoor grill and we take our responsibility as your local grilling supply store very seriously! We carry the best smoker and grill brands available, along with all the grilling accessories, rubs and sauces you will need to create delicious and memorable meals for your family and friends. Our knowledgeable grilling experts are here to help answer any questions you have about what is the best grill for you and which accessories you will need to get started!

Here at HomCo, you’ll find:

Types of Grills & Smokers

What is the best grill or smoker for you? That depends on what your needs and desires are when it comes to outdoor cooking. We carry a selection of models from top-rated brands such as Weber grills, Traeger grills, and Oklahoma Joe including:


  • Gas grills: Gas grilling tends to be quicker, easier because you control the temperature, and has less clean up than the other kinds of outdoor grills and smokers. Many who are new to grilling or are pressed for time tend to prefer the gas grill. Are you looking for the best gas grill of 2020? Come in to HomCo and we will show you our recommendations! The classic gas Weber grill is one of our most popular gas grills.
  • Charcoal grills: The traditional charcoal grill is a household classic. Charcoal grills tend to get hotter than gas grills and that is what gets steaks and lamb chops crispy on the outside and rare to medium rare pink on the inside. Charcoal grills also tend to be less expensive and more portable than other types of grills. Weber hits the mark again with several different varieties of charcoal grills that our customers love.
  • Smokers: Smokers are a low temperature way to cook food that is full of smoky flavor. The flavor is stronger because the smoke circulates around the food while it cooks. While grills produce delicious meals, all meat geeks agree that smoking produces better meat! If you can’t decide which one to get, we carry grill and smoker combos so you can have the best of both worlds! Oklahoma Joe is a popular choice for smokers and also combination grills.
  • Pellet grills: Pellet grills are an excellent choice for those who wish to have more temperature control in their grilling. When you release pellets, that feeds the grill and it gets hotter. Simply stop releasing pellets and the temperature will fall. Traeger pellet grills tend to be our most popular pellet grills.


Grilling Accessories

Now that you have your grill and/or smoker, you will need some accessories! At HomCo we are your one-stop-shop for all the grilling and smoking accessories you need! We carry a wide variety of BBQ utensils and BBQ tools such as:

  • Spatulas
  • Tongs
  • Grill brushes
  • Pellets for your pellet grill
  • Chimney starters for your charcoal grill
  • Charcoal for your charcoal grill

We also carry smoker covers, grill covers, and grill and smoker combo covers to keep your precious outdoor kitchen protected from the elements. 

The world of grilling and smoking does not end when the sunsets. In fact, that is often when it is just getting started! The last thing you need is to accidentally overcook or burn your food because you cannot see it properly. Grill lights are an essential BBQ tool as they illuminate the cooking grate no matter what time you are firing up your grill! We have a wide variety of brands and size grill lights to help you see the masterpiece you are cooking up.

Another BBQ tool you will want to invest in is a meat thermometer. The art of grilling and smoking is one of precision – finding that sweet spot where your food is fully cooked and safe to eat while retaining all the juices and flavors! From the most basic to the Thermapen, we carry a wide variety of meat thermometers to MEAT any budget!


Do you prefer the aromas and flavors that come from a barbeque rub? Or do you love the tastes and textures of the tangy char from a sweet barbeque sauce? If you’re like us, you love both and may even have a grill and smoker combo! The good news is that for some recipes you do not have to choose as you can actually use both!

At HomCo we have everything you need besides the meat to fire up your smoker or grill. We carry a huge assortment of rubs and sauces: Rib rubs, brisket rubs, pulled pork rubs, BBQ sauces for chicken, and BBQ rubs for steaks. You name it, we carry it! What kind of grilling and smoking experts would we be if we didn’t carry all the best BBQ rubs and BBQ sauces for you to choose from?! We have your meat covered!

Visit HomCo for all of your fire pit or outdoor heater needs! Our team of experts are here to help if you have any questions or need recommendations.


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