Winter Gear

How can HomCo make your winter better?

Select a category below to find essential winter gear and tools are available at HomCo. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, call us at (928) 779-6111 to speak with an expert.

Ariens Snow Blowers

If you are looking for the best snow blowers around, look no further than HomCo Lumber and Hardware’s selection of Arien Snow Blowers! Ariens is the #1 selling brand of two-stage snow blowers in the world. As Ariens’ Preferred Dealer in Flagstaff, HomCo has several models of Ariens Snow Blowers to choose from.

Ariens’ Track model provides traction for properties with hills or steep driveways. The Classic is the most popular option of snow blower as it is dependable and compact! Compact is just as it sounds – perfect for removing snow from small spaces with the same, excellent performance as other Ariens products. The Deluxe model is a pure machine with lots of power to quickly move a lot of snow over a decently sized area. Ariens’ Platinum is their most luxurious snow blower – fully loaded with power and convenient features. Trying to remove snow from more than just your driveway, yard or neighborhood? The Professional Ariens snow blower would be your best bet! On the other hand, the biggest, baddest, most versatile snow blower is the Rapidtrack. Don’t decide between a wheel or track unit and get them both in a single machine for this model. Stop by and check out the Ariens Snow Blowers we carry!

Not sure which model of Ariens Snow Blower is right for you? Ask a HomCo Lumber and Hardware associate, and we’ll find your perfect match!


Snow Shovels

Which Snow Shovel Do You Need?

Snow shovels are potentially the most important winter tool, but there are several types to choose from, depending on your specific needs. Check out all of the options available at HomCo Lumber and Hardware below:

24" Shovel

Better for shoveling than for pushing

18" Shovel

Smaller blade size and offset handle to reduce back strain

Square Nose Shovel

Good for scraping, removing ice-crusted snow

Coarse-Surface Broom

Quickly clears a dusting of light, dry snow

Round-Nose Shovel

Cuts through the frozen berm left by snowplow


Forged one-piece blade scrapes up ice

Aluminum Scoop

Rust-proof, handles big drifts


Almost like a manual plow, moves a lot of snow around

Other Winter Tools

Ice Melt

Tired of slipping and sliding down your driveway every morning? Ice melt will change your life (at least we think so). While we’re lucky to experience sunny days between snow storms here in Flagstaff, the ice that forms from melting snow often creates potentially dangerous conditions for you and your family. We have a wide inventory of ice melt and our favorite is Pet Guard Ice & Snow Melter – safe for everyone in your family!

Car Ice Scraper

Are you still using an old gift card or credit card to scrape the ice from your windshield? We’ve all been there but we want to help you start off your day with a little more momentum by using a car ice scraper! We carry a variety of ice scrapers at HomCo Lumber & Hardware. Have a tall vehicle? Grab an ice scraper with an extendable arm. Need something you can throw in your purse or back pocket? Grab a compact ice scraper. Check out all our options by stopping by this winter!

Snow Brush

While upgrading to a car ice scraper is important here in Flagstaff, having a snow brush handy is equally as important. Using the sleeve of your coat can work when the snow is light and dry but heavy, wet snow is a different story. Never hop in your car with a soaking glove and sleeve again by grabbing a snow brush from HomCo.

Windshield Snow Cover

Imagine this: You hit snooze on your alarm a few too many times and you’re running late for work. Your running around, grab your coat and are out the door – the only problem is you forgot it snowed last night! Now you have to run inside, grab your car ice scraper and snow brush, and now you’re going to be even more late. If only you had a windshield snow cover! Windshield snow covers make every morning a breeze by removing all the snow from your windshield in one motion.


Carhartt Winter Apparel

Carhartt is known for producing great gear for everyone year round but their winter gear is sure to please. We carry a wide variety of Carhartt for Men and Women. Stay working, playing, and cozy this winter with Carhartt’s durable pants, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets, vests, bibs, and boots. Carhartt accessories are a great addition to any outfit, we even carry accessories to keep your furry friend warm this winter! HomCo is your local source for everything Carhartt – try on your new favorite gear today!

Snow Pants

Whether you’re outside in the snow for work or play, staying warm and dry will allow for a much more enjoyable day. Snow pants will keep you playing and working all day – pair with a ski jacket and you’ll be ready to take on any snowball, ski hill, sledding area or work site. Snow pants can provide great protection from the elements and here at HomCo, we carry only the best.

Winter Gloves

Freezing hands aren’t ideal when it comes to playing in the snow. Don’t forget that gearing up for winter means grabbing some dependable gloves! We carry an assortment of winter gloves – everything from heavily insulated to lightweight and water-wicking. Keep your hands warm and protected this winter with gloves from HomCo.

Men's Winter Snow Boots

Here at HomCo, we carry a wide range of men’s winter snow boots! Our selection covers everything from heavy-duty snow boots for those heavy snowfall days, light snow boots for days following a snowstorm and everything between. Not sure which men’s winter snow boot is right for you? Stop by HomCo and one of our experts can help find your perfect pair.

Women's Winter Snow Boots

Women’s winter snow boots are essential for a full day of comfort. Whether you’re getting work done or enjoying the snow, proper snow boots will keep your feet warm and dry. Our selection of women’s winter snow boots provide the proper comfort and protection for all! Check out what we have to offer and get expert advice from your friends at HomCo.

Winter Hats & Beanies

Did you know most of your heat escapes from your head? Keep yourself warm and stylish with beanies and winter hats from HomCo! Our comprehensive selection includes all of your favorite styles!




Saucer sleds are a classic for any winter sledding adventure! HomCo Lumber & Hardware has multiple colors to choose from. 

  • Made for one person
  • Easy to carry – light enough for even small children to carry up hill!
  • Compact – fit’s easily in the car for any sledding adventure!


Toboggans make for a fun sledding time for the whole family!

  • Double sled – toboggans comfortably fit two riders.
  • Attached rope allows easy pulling
  • Super fast!