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are like any other types of appliances in your home.

They have a functional lifespan and eventually will require maintenance, repair, or even replacement. Sometimes you may just want to update the appearance of your fireplace to something with a better flame pattern, trim color, or media style.

Whether you want to keep your existing fireplace functioning at its best or completely replace it with a more contemporary unit, HomCo Lumber and Hardware’s Fireplace Division can help you complete your project. We handle premium product lines and employ the best and most qualified certified professionals in the area.



My fireplace door gasket is broken or old.

One of the most common repairs performed on wood appliances is the replacement of the door gasket. This is typically a woven gasket that seals the stove door to the firebox front. This gasket prevents air from bypassing the air control mechanism that can result in less efficient and poorly controlled combustion.

A handy homeowner can easily replace this gasket by removing the old gasket and adhesive residue, selecting the proper gasket, cutting it to the proper length and adhering it to the gasket channel in the door.


My air circulation blower or fan motor isn't working.

Nearly every hearth appliance features an air circulation blower or fan motor for better heating efficiency. These motors often run constantly in a hot and dusty environment and thus may need periodic replacement. Many of these motors come with a standard plug and can easily be replaced by a homeowner. Those that require wiring are best left to service technicians to install.

My gas fireplace remote isn't working.

Another very common service issue is very easy for the homeowner to address themselves. Almost every gas fireplace remote control system contains batteries in both the transmitter and receiver. If your remote isn’t working, consult your owners manual for the location and check the batteries.

The gas fireplace's pilot is lit, but the main burner won't come on.

If your gas fireplace’s pilot is lit, but the main burner will not come on, it is possible that the thermopile in the pilot assembly has gotten weak or ceased to function at all. Where the thermocouple provides the energy for the pilot to work, the thermopile energizes the main burner side of the gas valve. This is normally an easy fix, but is best left to a service technician.


If it becomes necessary to completely replace your fireplace, or you just want a new updated unit, we can help facilitate that project. We will evaluate your current fireplace and help you select a suitable replacement unit. Then we can work with you or your contractor through the removal and re-framing of the fireplace location leading up to it’s installation. At the completion of the project, we will return to set up the appliance and review its operation and maintenance.


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