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Many different types of fireplaces are available. They include open decorative fireplaces and those that are highly efficient, sealed combustion appliances. They can use a variety of fuel sources. In Flagstaff and Northern Arizona, these fuels are typically cordwood, wood pellets, natural and liquid propane gases, and some are even electric. These appliances can add ambiance and heat to nearly any indoor or outdoor living spaces.


A fireplace insert is a special type of hearth appliance designed for installation within an existing wood-burning fireplace. These are typically controlled combustion high-efficiency wood appliances, direct-vent gas appliances, or pellet-burning appliances. Fireplace inserts must be vented through the existing chimney using an approved liner system. Ventless inserts are not approved in the Flagstaff area.


Stoves are typically free-standing, closed combustion appliances installed to add heat and ambiance to an indoor living space. They typically burn cordwood, gas, or wood pellets.



Gas appliances are typically chosen when the user desires a realistic flame presentation without the maintenance and mess that other fuel sources sometimes require. These appliances can include impressive gas logs that are installed within open wood-burning fireplaces primarily for aesthetic purposes, as well as efficient thermostatically controlled room heaters. There are nearly endless design choices ranging from traditional log fireplaces to contemporary glass or fire-art models


Pellet stoves are biofuel appliances that burn a pelletized wood fuel. These stoves allow you to burn a renewable fuel that you can store on-site like cordwood, but have automatic ignition systems and thermostat capability. They are also cleaner-burning appliances and require less user interaction when in operation.


Wood stoves and fireplaces are designed to utilize traditional cordwood for heat and ambiance. These appliances can be large open-front fireplaces primarily intended for large flame presentation. They can also be closed, controlled combustion stoves designed for highly efficient long-duration burns and steady heating.


Electric fireplaces and stoves have recently seen an increase in popularity. New electric appliances can have realistic log designs, glass crystals, or many other media options. Many have integrated electric heaters making them well suited for providing an attractive supplemental heat source for smaller spaces.


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