There is nothing more inviting than the warm glow and warmth of a fire. At HomCo Lumber & Hardware, we have a wide range of beautiful fireplaces, stoves, and inserts. Whether you’re looking for gas, pellet or wood, our trustworthy and knowledgeable staff will be there to assist you in your journey. Once you pick out the best option for your project, our staff will install and service your new unit for you.

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Learn about the different types of fireplaces and fuel that available so you can make the best selection for your home or business.

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If your fireplace is in need of repair or maintenance, we’re here to help. Discover easy solutions for the DIYers or information on how our experts can help with your bigger repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my gas fireplace turn on?
Many factors could cause a fireplace to fail to light. If the unit has a standing pilot, be sure that the pilot is lit. If it is an electronic ignition fireplace be sure that the power supply is on or that the batteries are good. If using a remote control ensure that you replace the batteries in the remote control transmitter and receiver.
Why is my wood fireplace smoking?
A smoke spilling fireplace can cause unpleasant odors, discoloration of the fireplace surround, and hazardous conditions from carbon monoxide exposure. This situation is commonly caused by negative pressure within the home, an improperly installed or poorly insulated chimney, or improper fire starting and burning habits. We can usually diagnose these problems with a quick site visit and make recommendations to correct the problem.
How much do you charge to install a wood stove?
We have no predetermined price to install any appliance. To get an accurate estimate, we will do a free site visit to evaluate the time and materials needed for the project.

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Jason Brown

Jason Brown

Fireplace & Chimney Expert

While in graduate school at Northern Arizona University, Jason Brown began his time at HomCo as a cabinet installer and after a few years moved onto the Building Materials Desk. After spending a little time in that department he moved into the fireplace world in 2008.

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