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No matter what architectural style home you have, our selection of exterior doors from top manufacturers provides your home with both good looks and value.

We carry a variety of wood, fiberglass, steel and glass door from brands you know and trust including Masonite, Therma-Tru, and Simpson.


Masonite Exterior Door Collections

Get the look you desire and the quality you deserve. Masonite is your leading source for cutting-edge trends and timeless designs, offering distinctive styles that complement any home and personal taste. Options to boost your curb appeal from modern front entry doors to traditional Craftsman styles through exterior French doors. Whether you choose wood, fiberglass or steel construction, every Masonite exterior door is the result of years of research, design, engineering and development. Simply put, they deliver beautiful, high-performance entry doors that are built to last.

Ultimate Style & Durability

Featuring a superior woodgrain texture and distinct raised moldings, Barrington® premium fiberglass doors add a rich and luxurious feel to your entryway.

Bring the Outdoors In

Instantly brighten any space with VistaGrande® flush-glazed doors, featuring up to 18% more visible glass area. Available in fir or smooth texture with various glass and numerous grid options, this collection is perfect for front and patio applications.

Authentic Craftsman Detail

Evoke the charming details of a true, wood craftsman exterior door—with the proven durability of fiberglass. This architecturally correct design features wide recessed panels, wider glass and is available in an authentic, stainable fir texture or a smooth, paintable texture.

The Original Fiberglass Door

Evoke the charming details of a true, wood craftsman exterior door—with the proven durability of fiberglass. This architecturally correct design features wide recessed panels, wider glass and is available in an authentic, stainable fir texture or a smooth, paintable texture.


Therma-Tru Exterior Door Collections:

A Therma-Tru door with genuine Therma-Tru components is more than a beautiful door – it’s a complete door system. Each part of the system – from the glass to the hinges – is engineered to work together for weather resistance and energy efficiency. Therma-Tru can stand behind more parts of a door system for longer than other door companies because Therma-Tru makes or specifies everything that goes onto it. A Therma-Tru fiberglass door system is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive lifetime limited warranty.

Extraordinary in every detail. Classic-Craft’s five collections offer premium entryways that are truly unique and uncompromising in every detail. Blending architectural character and detailed precision, everything about a Classic-Craft entryway looks, feels and sounds like an authentic wood door.

From curb appeal to convenience, our Fiber-Classic collections feature wood grains to suit any style. Choose from two wood-grained collections, in a wide variety of door sizes and glass designs, or the perfect fiberglass door to fit a variety of home styles.

Looking to add a splash of color to your entryway? Smooth-Star is the answer if the best look for your home is a smooth, paintable surface. The more attractive and durable alternative to steel, Smooth-Star fiberglass doors are ready-to-paint (no need to prime!) with crisp, clean contours. Budget friendly, with a variety of glass options available, this is your collection if you’re seeking color options for your doorway.

Clean lines. Crisp angles. Sleek designs. Vintage style. Pulse is a contemporary series of door styles and glass designs that can be combined to make a bold statement. With three distinct aesthetic approaches — Ari, Linea and Echo — the entrance becomes modern art.


Simpson Exterior Door Collections:

Simpson produces ten different primary collections of exterior doors for a total of just under 800 different options. Each collection is designed to meet a particular set of standard needs, but any door in any collection can be customized to adhere to exacting design standards. Collection names are as follows:

  • Nantucket – Nantucket doors feature simple designs and exposed wood plugs.
  • Mastermark – Mastermark doors are characterized by raised panels and elaborate glass.
  • Artist – Artist doors feature a blend of traditional and contemporary designs.
  • Craftsman – Craftsman doors demonstrate straight lines and extensive stained glass.
  • Bungalow – Bungalow doors feature lots of glass and subtle design elements. Builder’s Advantage – Builder’s Advantage doors have elaborate glass and simple stiles and rails.
  • Selects – Small, square glass panels and simple routing characterize the Selects collection.
  • Traditional – Traditional doors are very plain and do not feature glass. French & Sash- French & Sash Doors feature any combination of attributes from the other nine collections.
  • Contemporary – Contemporary doors feature abstract patterns of glass and wood.

Concept Custom

Concept Custom doors are created from scratch to meet the exact needs of the buyer. The process starts when a buyer selects from one of Simpson’s existing collections and then modifies that design to fit his or her needs. Everything from shape and size to woodgrain, glass paneling, and finish options can be customized.

Simpson Quality

Simpson doors are warranted from one to ten years depending on the technology used in their construction and the specific application of the door. The company also works to foster what it calls a “beyond-compliance” philosophy. This means that Simpson works to exceed all applicable environmental regulations and makes environmental considerations a priority in operating its facilities.


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