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red umbrella on patio over table

Behlen Country Farm Stock Tank

169 Gal Capacity, Round, Steel

SKU 5037668

Reg $199.99
SALE $158.00

Behlen Country Farm Stock Tank

103 Gal Capacity, Round, Steel

SKU 2473122

Reg $129.99
SALE $106.00

Behlen Country Farm Stock Tank

100 Gal Capacity, Round, Polyurethane, Granite Tan

SKU 9517137

Reg $119.99
SALE $99.00

Potting soil

10×10 Instant Canopy Blue

Easy Assembly (no tools), Rollerbag w/ pockets included

SKU 5255385

Reg $109.99
SALE $79.99

Garden cart

Behlen Country Utility Arch Gate

4 ft x 8ft, 20 Gauge, Steel, Gray, Powder-Coated

SKU 3532454

Reg $179.99
SALE $159.99

Garden cart

Behlen Country Utility Corral Panel

20 Gauge, Steel, Gray, Powder-Coated, 1-5/8″ 16FT

SKU 2892081

Reg $179.99
SALE $159.99

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red umbrella on patio over table

Boss® Guardian Angel™ Women’s Extended Sleeve Garden Gloves

Size Small, Synthetic Leather, Padded Palm, Fingertip Grips

SKU 9884990

Reg $25.99
SALE $19.99

Boss® Guard™ Extended Sleeve Synthetic Leather Mens Glove

Size Large, Fingertip Grips, Padded Palm

SKU 9885062

Reg $25.99
SALE $19.99

Scotts 3-Pack Mens Polyester Garden Gloves


SKU SC30501

Reg $7.99
SALE $4.99

Landscapers Select 2-Piece Pruning Shear Set

8″ Anvil & By-Pass Pruners, ½” Cutting Capacity, Teflon-Coated, Non-Stick Blade

SKU 4870168
Reg $14.99
SALE $11.99

Landscapers Select 3-Piece Spray Nozzle Set

SKU 4870192

Reg $10.99
SALE $8.99

Boston LED Harbor Solar Stake Lights

Rechargeable Battery, Battery Included

SKU 5454640

Reg $6.99
SALE $2.99

Deals for your Garden

Garden cart

Miracle-Gro Vegetables & Herbs Garden Soil

1.5 cu-ft Coverage Area, Moisture Control

SKU 2563526

Reg $8.99
SALE $7.99

Garden cart

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Garden Soil

Solid, 2 cu-ft Coverage Area

SKU 8370728

Reg $8.99
SALE $7.99

Garden cart

National Bark Decorative Bark Mulch

Waupaca Northwoods, 2 cu-ft, Poly Bag, Red Cedar

SKU 9684911

Reg $6.49
SALE $4.99

Garden cart

Landscapers Select Light Duty Garden Hose

PVC 5/8″ x 50 ft, 3-ply, UV and Abrasion Resistant

SKU 5462932

Reg $15.99
SALE $11.99

Garden cart

Landscapers Select Contractor Grade Garden Hose,

PVC 5/8″ x 75 ft, 5-ply, UV and Abrasion Resistant

SKU 1430610

Reg $47.99
SALE $32.99

Garden cart

Perky-Pet Hummingbird Feeder

Red, Plastic, 8 Oz, 9.5″ Tall

SKU 6533228

Reg $6.99
SALE $5.99

Garden cart

Perky-Pet Hummingbird Feeder

Ruby Starburst Vintage, 16 Oz, 4-Port/Perch, Glass 8.5″ Tall

SKU 2277838

Reg $21.99
SALE $14.99

Extra Deals for May

Extra Deals For May

Rayovac High Energy “AA” Alkaline Battery

36 pack, 1.5 V battery, 750 Mah
SKU 7380645

Reg $19.99
SALE $14.99

Rayovac “AAA” Alkaline Battery

36 pack, 1.5 V Battery, 1100 Mah

SKU 7380652

Reg $19.99
SALE $14.99

Summit Mosquito Bits®

30 Oz Package

SKU 3564945

Reg $19.99
SALE $15.99

Bird Food

Bona Powerplus Antibacterial Hard-Surface Cleaner

32 Oz Spray

SKU 0031864

Reg $14.99
SALE $9.99

Bird food

SureSpray Compression Sprayer

3 Gal., Poly Tank, 34″ Hose

SKU 2021822

Reg $37.99
SALE $26.99

Bird food

Orbit Flex Cobra Mist Stand

Interchangeable Head

SKU 20360P

Reg $19.99
SALE $14.99

Bird Food

Summit Mosquito Dunks®

For use in standing water, kills mosquito larvae for up to 30 days, 6 Count

SKU 6010854

Reg $9.99
SALE $7.99

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DIY Pest Control in Flagstaff, Arizona

Now that the spring season is kicking into full force and summer is right around the corner, it may be time to think about the sorts of creatures that will be joining you in the coming months. Some are welcome, like the deer and elk that stand in parks during the early morning hours, while others may be a bit less desirable. Before your dog gets skunked and you’re running to the grocery store for tomato products, come by HomCo Lumber and Hardware for animal repellents and other pest control necessities. Avoid the mess of ants infiltrating your kitchens and dogs smelling like acrid fumes. Not only do we have this post outlining some of the pest control products we carry, but we also have an attached video where Cecy from Lawn and Garden walks us through the average, and above average, pest control products.

How to Store Your Snow Thrower in the Spring

Now that winter is over and the skies have hopefully stopped gifting us with a deluge of white fluff, you may be thinking about putting your snow blower away for the rest of the year. However, it isn’t as easy as chucking it into the back of your garage to collect dust until next November. There are a few steps that you should follow, and a few procedures that will not only preserve the life of your snow blower but are almost required to keep it functioning properly. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a big snowstorm with a dead snow blower. With these tips and directions, that dream won’t become a reality. Visit our Stihl Department at HomCo Lumber and Hardware if you have any questions about proper snow blower storage. We’re always happy to help!

How to Install a Fence in Flagstaff, Arizona

Do you need something to keep out those pesky rabbits and rodents that constantly bug your flower beds? Is your yard just too open? Do you have no opportunity for shade or landscaping? How about you DIY an aesthetically pleasing fence to not only keep your plants safe, but provide shade, protection, privacy, and a sense of accomplishment? Fencing can be utilized for both your general yard and your specified garden plots. Not only can you craft it according to your specific lifestyle needs, but you can do it yourself for a low cost. This post will go over some key notes for doing your own fencing, and the materials that you can utilize. Some can even be found here at HomCo Lumber and Hardware.

Paint Shopping: Behr vs. Dunn-Edwards

Your home says a lot about you and your personality. That's why in HomCo's paint department we recommend you contemplate the different colors, sheens, accent walls, and everything in between before choosing a paint brand and color. Paint chimps and color sample...

How to Use Hollow Wall Anchors

When hanging objects on your walls, it is important to be aware of what sort of nail or screw is required to support the weight. For most smaller objects, like pictures and hanging ornaments, just a normal nail is fine. Hollow wall anchors, also known as drywall...

How to Fix a Hole in Drywall

While the term ‘drywall repair’ may initially sound daunting, fixing a hole in drywall is actually a lot easier than you might think. Drywall repair typically does not take more than a few hours, and can also be done for a low cost and without contracting any experts....

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

Flagstaff soil may not be the best for cultivation. Fortunately, there’s a quick and simple solution: raised garden beds. Learn how to build and maintain your very own raised garden bed!

Your Guide to Outdoor Lighting

HomCo Lumber and Hardware has several options when it comes to ambient outdoor lighting and walkway lighting for your yard. Learn everything you need to set up a perfectly illuminated outdoor space!

Installing a Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation systems, especially ones below the surface, can save you a lot of time, water, electricity, and money. Learn everything you need to know about drip irrigations from HomCo!

HomTooling: How to Make a Lego Coat Hanger

Not only is this Lego coat hanger fun and easy to make, but it will help you organize your winter coats and your spring sweaters.

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