“I wanted to share with you the most amazing customer service I received yesterday at the store.

I came in about 4:30 looking for a door lock system that could be re-keyed to an existing key for our office. I was met at the door by a gentleman who asked me what I was looking for, and guided me to aisle 12B. I was met there by another employee who helped me search until we found the correct set.  He then shared that the person who rekeys locks may have left for the day.

He asked Will (the only name badge I could read) if he knew if anyone was there to rekey.  Will said he could, and immediately got to work and had it done within minutes.  He even shared what he was doing as he did it. I then asked for a service ticket to pay for the rekeying, and both gentlemen said it was included in the price of purchasing the lock. Wow!

In the day of no customer service, it is so refreshing to shop in a local store that has knowledgeable employees who help.  Thank you to you and the management team for fostering such a wonderful environment. Please forward to Mike and the management team as appropriate.” Pats Shriver

“I wanted to send you a testimonial about your crew at HomCo. I am involved in Younglife here in Northern Arizona and we put on a Banquet called Cajunfest928. I let Todd Callan know I was in need of some spare lumber so I could put together a back drop for our pictures. We envisioned an old Louisiana shack, but felt way over our heads and pressed for time. He introduced me to Don Merrick and we discussed what I would need and the dimensions. He told me he would look into what they had available and get back to me later that day. Don called within an hour and said the HomCo crew, lead by Marc, would build it for us. I was overwhelmed with HomCo’s generosity of their time, creativity, and supplies. I thought that whatever they could fashion in a small amount of time would work, no matter what.When I walked in and saw the amazing structure they had put together, I was in awe. HomCo went above and beyond my wildest imagination of what this would look like, down to the framing of a window and the choice of lumber used to make it look just right. There were so many compliments on the shack. We loved taking fun pictures in front of it. I want to thank HomCo for caring about my project when they did not have to do so. It just proves how eager they are to help the community and touch peoples’ lives in the things that are important to the individual. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have a customer for life!” Katie H. (pictures on right)

“Thank you Homco for correcting your Senior, Military and Teacher discount program. My family and I prefer to shop at Homco, rather than the big box store. Thank you again.” Arden C.

“Besides the excellent quality (more ‘Made in the USA’ products than other stores), and the wide range of products (you can probably build an entire house with what they have!), the shining star of HomCo is their friendly and knowledgeable staff. I have gone in multiple times with a unique problem- I haven’t even been able to name parts correctly or know the professional nomenclature- and the staff was able to work with me and help me find exactly what I need or help me to MacGyver together a creative and effective solution. Thank you HomCo!  Stephanie M

“I normally do not post any reviews however, I have had the best experience here! As soon as I walked in, I was met with friendly greetings along with cookies and coffee. I had Homco assistants available to help me in the most friendly way possible. I was trying to find a hinge, and not only were they able to not only find the right one, but they assembled it for me for my project. Would definitely recommend!” Alex GC

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