Our Core Values – Impact

The following seven core values have defined and made up the HomCo Lumber & Hardware Family culture since we first began serving the residents of Flagstaff in 1975. These values — integrity, innovative, maturity and judgement, people-focused, accountability, communication, and team leadership — outline what is most important to us. Together, they spell “IMPACT” and illustrate how we hope to have a positive impact on our customers, as well as on our co-workers and team members, our partners, our community here in Flagstaff, and on the world at large. We also believe in giving back to that community — in more ways than one.

These values are what HomCo was and is built on. They are the driving force behind how we perform our jobs, how we hire, and how we carry out our everyday process. Ultimately, our core values are the underlying factor of all of our decisions and actions. They are who we are, and who we aspire to be. Each core value is an equally important piece of what makes us great and makes us successful at what we do. They are all an essential part of the equation, and have helped us to develop and maintain the quality of efficient, effective, personalized customer service experience we have become known for.

We are always looking for people to join our team who embody these values, are willing to embrace them, and will bring them to our team and to their work at HomCo every day. After you have read through our seven core HomCo values, we welcome you to apply for a position with us. We take pride in living, working, and doing business by them, and if you join our team, we hope you will too. Click here to see our job openings and join the HomCo team today!

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HomCo's Core Values

Integrity | Innovative | Maturity & Judgement | People-Focused

Accountability | Communication | Team Leadership